As we think- so we are
    August 13 2008 by Jim Ballard, Charlotte

    It is good that congregations are beginning to address health issues of pastors and members. I believe there is an element missing in the health care area.

    As one who has counseled for over 20 years, I have observed that we have done a good job with many of the programs within local fellowships but we have not ministered to the mind/will/emotions - the spirit/soul/body linkage.

    We are eternal beings — spirit and soul in temporal bodies. As we think — so we are. Multitudes of members have been impacted negatively by dysfunctional issues from their past — family of origin issues that haunted childhoods and hurt them as adults.

    It is my conviction that churches need to deal with the hurts of abuse, rejection, separation, divorce and molestation, etc., within our congregations and associations.

    Many of our physical pains originate from spiritual, mental and emotional stressors that greatly impact the immune system.

    I would welcome the opportunity to talk with individuals, churches and associations regarding how to implement a ministry to assist in dealing with the deep inner woundedness within their fellowships of faith.

    Jim Ballard

    8/13/2008 2:19:00 AM by Jim Ballard, Charlotte | with 0 comments

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