Can-t embrace new ministry
    August 26 2008 by Hazel Frady, Lexington

    In the June 7 issue you proudly announced the new Baptist State Convention’s women’s ministry named ‘Embrace’ and its plans for missions.

    What do you think the Woman’s Missionary Union of North Carolina has been doing all these years prior to the Baptist State Convention (BSC) wanting to take control of women’s activities? Had it not been for the WMU of North Carolina and elsewhere BSC would not have anything to control.

    Members of WMU of North Carolina are laborers together with God doing excellent mission work without control. Have you not heard? All men are created equal and that means women as well. God did not create women to be servants for man but for God.

    In my opinion, your treatment of Woman’s Missionary Union of North Carolina is very un-Christ like.

    Hazel Frady
    8/26/2008 2:26:00 AM by Hazel Frady, Lexington | with 4 comments

The failure of WMU and BSC to come to a mutually acceptable understanding that would keep them working together harmoniously is a smear on the face of our witness. How can it be any less? Jesus is the great reconciler, reconciling us to God despite our sin. Yet we can't reconcile ourselves to each other. We hold the minutia that we treasure and cherish like a prism to the sun to admire its colors and facets. Consequently, we will nurture an expensive redundancy that will make marginally involved church members scratch their heads; and that will force budget makers into tough decisions that cannot possibly bless all concerned. It hurts every time I think about it.
9/2/2008 2:33:38 PM

Linda D. Ruffin
I truly believe we are all reaching for the same the lost and minister to those in need. There are times when we become so focused on organizing that we forget to maintain therefore we must regroup and go back to the throne for HIS instructions. The NC WMU was placed in a position to have to take a step back and look at the entire picture and in doing so the landscape changed but not the main scene..Our Mission. Unless the BSC and the WMU find a way to unite and serve the Master together I fear we will not be pleasing to Him. Folks, we cannot and must not become the focus which drives men and women away from feeling the Holy Spirit within us. We must ask God to reveal the answer to us and never, ever judge one another..after all, we are all "Christ Followers" aren't we?
8/29/2008 4:19:16 PM

Beverly B. Butler
WMU-NC did not leave the Baptist State Convention; it only moved out of the building. WMU-NC is not nor has it ever been aligned to or with anyone. WMU-NC, just like all Baptist churches is autonomous. WMU started out self supporting and self governed doing God's ministry and felt called to continue to follow God's lead. It is sad that we all can not focus on MINISTRY and obedience to God instead of finger pointing, back biting and being a hindrance to God's glorification.
8/28/2008 3:39:06 PM

Patricia M. Von Canon
In response to the "Can't embrace new ministy" opinion, I can not continue to embrace WMU-NC. WMU-NC left the Baptist State Convention. The organization aligned itself with the Co-operative Baptist Fellowship which isn't a religion at all. This group of misguided women are entitled to do that just as I am entitled to seek out a women's ministry that reflects and teaches my values. I am delighted that the BSC has created a new women's ministry just for me.

It is my hope that "Embrace" will teach girls that God created them for a purpose, and that learning and fulfilling their God-ordained purpose will bring joy and harmony to thier lives. That God's purpose for a women is differant and unique from God's purpose for a man and God has set limits and boundaries on thier purpose. God did not create women to be pastors of churches. I can not imagine a man going to a women pastor for counseling.

It was unrealistic of WMU-NC to expect that all WMU members would approve and co-operate with their actions. I don't consider myself un-Christ like.

8/27/2008 2:39:18 PM

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