Maximizing Christ
    August 13 2008 by James Helvey, Winston Salem

    Dale Steele makes a vital point in his letter of concern about understanding and sharing Christ, "the way, the truth and the life." The problem is that too many Christians, as well as non-Christians, fail to appreciate the spiritual fullness of the Messiah or Son of God. They tend either to dismiss Him as a relic of history or a non-existent being. Too often they even want to reduce Him to just another human, failing to appreciate the tremendous insight and meaning of affirming our Trinitarian Lord, and they miss the eternal significance of Jesus of Nazareth, as one with our Heavenly Father.

    Consequently, Christians can be as guilty as non-Christians in nullifying the spiritual and eternal wonder of Christ manifested in His endless acts of kindness and words of encouragement and conciliation when they dismiss the spiritual truths of great literature and philosophy from cultures around the world.

    Truths of God are preserved for us in the New Testament, but it is not insignificant that God spoke creation into being and made language the distinctive medium of communication for human beings. The problem is humans have made the words of dogma divisive by failing to understand them as only a means of manifesting Christ and faith. Our Creator and Savior Himself is more than words in a book (John 1); they are "the way, the truth and the life."

    To understand this is a continual challenge to Christians and theologues in every culture as well as all human beings, just as it was to the disciples of Jesus and people of Samaria as well as Judea (John 4), but it is vital to making Christ relevant to people everywhere as the people of God know and show (Jer. 31:33-34).

    James Helvey
    Winston Salem

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