Questioning support of football
    August 1 2012 by David Pence, Hillsboro, Ill.

    Great article about Chick-fil-A. They are truly an honor to our Lord. I especially appreciated Dan Cathy saying organizations can’t be Christian; only people are Christian. Jesus did not die for businesses; He died for people. I have a “however,” however. I noticed their unbridled support of football. Sports are one of, if not the biggest, gods in America. If one takes time to notice every kind of immoral behavior connected to and stemming from sports, even down to elementary school level, one cannot deny the pagan religious nature of “the game.” In our small town, there are more people “worshipping” on Sundays at our local “temple to the sports god” than go to worship the One True God. And they worship a lot louder; we can hear them several blocks away. 
    The money spent on sports far outweighs the money spent on education. The sports budget of every school dwarfs the academic and arts budgets. And we wonder why our children are so poorly educated? 

    Oh, I know to great lengths people go to defend sports and how they are character building. But, I ask, what did people do to build character before all the – baals:  foot-baal, basket-baal, base-baal? What character-building sports did our founding fathers play? What about the great Christians of history, the preachers, evangelists and missionaries? And just what kind of character is being developed in kids whose parents brawl on the sidelines? 
    Anyway, thanks for reporting on a truly admirable organization and family!
    David Pence
    Hillsboro, Ill.
    8/1/2012 2:44:21 PM by David Pence, Hillsboro, Ill. | with 1 comments

Aaron Hall
A sport cannot be Christian or un-Christian. Only people are.
8/9/2012 12:23:24 PM

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