Respect missing in Martin-Zimmerman confrontation
    August 13 2013 by Joe Cappar, Jacksonville, N.C.

    In reference to the featured opinion articles by Drs. [Russell] Moore and [Al] Mohler in the Aug. 3 edition, I was sad to see that both allowed themselves to be lured into the race trap.
    Yes, there were racial implications of the [Trayvon] Martin-[George] Zimmerman case, and Christians do need to engage the issues of race relations in America. Yes, the central tragedy was that a person needlessly died.
    But, the case was not about racial profiling or racial injustice of a “normal, happy, 17-year old boy,” who, by the way, happened to have been at the time under the influence of an illicit drug while being on a two-week suspension from school for possession of that same illicit drug.  
    Even though the racial issues might be politically expedient targets for high-profile editorials, they completely miss the true “macroscopic” viewpoint of the case and fail to identify its most valuable lesson. The tragedy could have been completely averted with the application of a basic value that all of us should have been taught from the time we were the youngest of children: respect.  
    If the teenage Martin had displayed appropriate respect for his elder, and Zimmerman had returned that gesture with the respect properly due any other human being, there would have been not even a scuffle, much less a death.
    No, we cannot ignore the social issues our Christian faith demands we engage, but let us not allow ourselves to be lured into engaging those that are more politically expedient at the expense of those that are of even greater fundamental value.
    Joe Cappar
    Jacksonville, N.C.
    8/13/2013 3:28:28 PM by Joe Cappar, Jacksonville, N.C. | with 1 comments
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John D. Whiteheart
Mr. Cappar makes an important but overlooked point: Had Trayvon merely waited under a street light for George Zimmerman and said, "Sir, is there a problem I can help you with?" he would still be alive and we would never have heard of either of them.
9/9/2013 10:28:10 PM

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