Disagree with Moore, Platt on mosque support
    August 10 2016 by Jack Marshburn, Jacksonville, N.C.

    I did not attend the SBC annual meeting in St. Louis and have but briefly scanned over some of the related articles in the Biblical Recorder. Recently however I was made aware of a question asked of Russell Moore regarding his involvement in the “mosque” case. This caused me to search the web by which I learned that he and David Platt had signed an amicus brief in support of Muslims who were wishing to build. This caused me to search further and I happened upon the video of Russell Moore’s answer to the messengers.
    Let me say that I cannot agree with Mr. Moore’s reasoning. Freedom of religion is indeed a precious right, and we should advocate on behalf of all who wish to express their faith in a peaceful and reasonable manner – even for those with whom we have major doctrinal differences. But I feel no sense of obligation to petition in behalf of a pagan religion that offers no freedom of religion where it is dominant but instead imprisons and/or murders those who disagree.
    However sincere may have been their reasoning, in this matter Russell Moore and David Platt do not represent me and perhaps many other Southern Baptists. Neither do they represent the young families in our congregation whose loved ones are deployed to countries where this so-called religion of “peace” is causing turmoil.

    Jack Marshburn
    Jacksonville, N.C.

    8/10/2016 8:30:22 AM by Jack Marshburn, Jacksonville, N.C. | with 1 comments
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Kyle Bellamy
I would not hope to disparage a fellow believer, but I would encourage Mr. Mashburn to carefully consider the biblical perspective on this issue. Though important, the woes of our armed forces and our constitutional rights should not enter the discussion before consulting the scriptures. Matt. 5:44 is clear, "But I say to you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you." Furthermore, Romans 12:14-21 brings great clarity to the situation, summed up in verse 14, "Bless those who persecute you; bless and do not curse them." Would you not say that blessing is even greater than advocation? Let them build whatever they wish, and share the gospel with them. Russell Moore and David Platt are great examples of Christ-like leadership in our denomination. Let's encourage them.
8/10/2016 1:42:43 PM

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