Connecticut shooting raises questions
    December 31 2012 by Micheal S. Pardue, Pastor, High Shoal Baptist Church, Mooresboro, N.C.

    An unspeakable tragedy struck Dec. 14 in Connecticut. Just after students were finished pledging allegiance, a crazed gunman took from them their fundamental right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. This community is statistically one of the safest, but that did not prevent one of the worst acts of violence.
    Having six children myself, all of which were sitting with us [at the table], my heart was immediately broken.
    Many have and will continue to ask how God allows such things to happen? However, it was not God, but a sinful man … whose mind was long corrupted by a fallen world.
    In the moment when my heart was broken by this news, a question arose – one that enveloped my mind as I went to sleep Dec. 14 and has constantly greeted me since: What is to prevent this from happening to my children? I have children in two public schools. Three of my children are the same age as many of the children killed. I cannot imagine how those parents feel nor how my fellow clergymen in that community will begin to comfort their congregations. The more I read about this tragedy, the more it seems that there were many measures in place to provide security. Sometimes, when evil overtakes someone, tragedy is unavoidable. 
    As a parent, I have to know that everything is being done to protect my children, their teachers and the administrators. I hope school boards have already met to determine how we prevent this. This tragedy shows us that we, as a community, have to do whatever it takes to be prepared. There are no reasonable people opposed to keeping our children safe. If evil attempts to visit our schools, my prayer is that we are ready to repel it. 
    Micheal S. Pardue
    Pastor, High Shoal Baptist Church, Mooresboro, N.C.
    12/31/2012 1:44:23 PM by Micheal S. Pardue, Pastor, High Shoal Baptist Church, Mooresboro, N.C. | with 0 comments

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