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Movement goal is to silence believers

February 26 2013 by Chris Rathbone, Bakersville, N.C.

If any Christian pays close attention to what is really going on behind this “gay movement,” we can see the real motive behind what is happening. This is not just about the Boy Scouts being pressured to accept gays and lesbians as troop leaders.
Those who support and lobby for so called “gay rights” are really working to censor the rights of anyone or any organization that would chose to have a different view than they do. The issue at hand is not just equality or rights, but to silence anyone who would choose to live out their faith through their business, their club, or just in their local church. These proponents are not just seeking equality but seeking a government to force those who would disagree to accept and applaud their choice of lifestyle.
We can try to sugarcoat it all we like, but if things continue in the direction they are going, with the support of our governmental leaders, the conservative Christian church will not even be exempt from the far reaching effects of the gay movement. Every institution, club, organization, and even local churches will fall victim to lawsuits, to ridicule, the threat of legal actions, etc.
We are on a slippery slope, and if someone doesn’t dig in their heals against this, I am afraid that when all is said and done, it will be against the law for me to even preach what the Bible teaches! God help us and God forgive our nation!
Chris Rathbone, pastor
Bear Creek Baptist Church, Bakersville, N.C.
2/26/2013 2:50:45 PM by Chris Rathbone, Bakersville, N.C. | with 0 comments