Alarmed about Trump endorsements
    February 24 2016 by John B. Carpenter, Providence, N.C.

    I’ve been alarmed by the reports of Christian leaders, including Jerry Falwell Jr., endorsing Donald Trump for president. There are three reasons why I believe this is unwise.
    First, his life has been immoral. Repeated affairs, broken marriages, support for abortion, appearances in Playboy and false claims (such as having opposed the Iraq war beforehand, accusing former president George W. Bush of lying about weapons of mass destruction) and his trademark boasting show his character. While we hope he has truly repented and is changing, there isn’t enough evidence of it. Indeed, he’s continued with the false claims and supporting abortion providers.
    Second, his political priorities are not Christian priorities. Christians can disagree on how to handle illegal immigration, trade policy and the other causes Trump speaks most loudly about. Meanwhile, to the causes Christians should be united about – defending life and marriage – Trump gives only passing, vague lip service. What Christians care most about, he cares least about.
    Third, even if one disagrees with the above, even the staunchest Trump supporter needs to recognize the simple, undeniable fact: negative feelings toward Trump are so widespread, with 61 percent of voters saying they would never consider voting for him, and the only reason he is doing reasonably well in the Republican side is because the non-Trump vote is being split, that he has virtually no chance of winning the presidency. Since he has been a public figure for decades, these attitudes are ingrained and very unlikely to change. Given the breadth and intensity of the feelings against him, should he capture the Republican nomination, a Democrat victory in November is assured, along with the furtherance of pro-abortion, anti-family policies.
    John B. Carpenter, pastor, Covenant Reformed Baptist Church, Providence, N.C.

    2/24/2016 11:12:20 AM by John B. Carpenter, Providence, N.C. | with 0 comments
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