Why change name?
    January 16 2012 by Doug Ewing, Belmont, N.C.

    Why change? In the December 24 edition of the Biblical Recorder, Erin Roach reports that the MAJORITY have a favorable impression of Southern Baptists while only 40 percent are unfavorable.
    Why should we have to change the name for those that don’t like us? Is it the name or the doctrine? Jonathan Merritt wrote in the December 10 issue, “What’s in a name?” 
    I don’t believe it’s the region, but our doctrine. They say we are pushy. That has nothing to do with a name. I have witnessed in Ohio, South Dakota, Arizona, Colorado, Washington, Alaska, Maine and Vermont.
    Some folks in Colorado cried when we left. People in some states want us back. 
    No time did they mention anything negative about us as Southern Baptist. 
    Do we need to change “Northern Tissue” because it is regional?
    I have even heard people say we need to drop the name Baptist. I believe those 40 percent don’t like us because we are evangelistic. 
    Old Vance Havner said we shouldn’t change our doctrine to suit the world.
    I have a suggestion for a name change: SCBC, Still Confused Baptist Convention.
    Doug Ewing
    Belmont, N.C.

    1/16/2012 2:41:53 PM by Doug Ewing, Belmont, N.C. | with 1 comments

James Horton
I agree with Doug. What makes or breaks us as Christians is not what we call ourselves but how we live our expressed Christian conviction. There is rise and fall in effectiveness throughout our history. Our name doesn't hinder us from other regions of America, our commitment does.
Jesus Christ didn't change His name from Messiah to messenger in order to be accepted or effective. It is not my intention to compare our name in importance to our Lord's name. But like our Lord what will make the difference is what we do.
The first century church spread like wildfire in the face of hatred and persecution. They didn't change their name but persevered for the cause of Christ! Commitment!
It's not our name that hurts us.

(from Edenton, NC)
1/19/2012 2:57:44 PM

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