Afraid of being labeled ‘homophobic’?
    July 31 2014 by Robert Helton, Stanley, N.C.

    As a Christian since 1954, I was appalled by the letter from the S.C. pastor, a graduate of Gardner-Webb University, who remarked that the SBC should get over their obsession with homosexuality. I was even more stunned that no pastor or church leader would refute this irrational and un-Biblical statement! Are we so afraid of being labeled “homophobic” or “hateful” that we don’t stand on the truth of God’s Word?
    Anyone who reads the first chapter of Romans, among many other verses, can come to no other conclusion that this is a sinful lifestyle.
    Have we reached a point in our church life that we are afraid to call sin of every description sin? The late Dr. Vance Havner said in a sermon he preached at the First Baptist in Spartanburg, S.C., in the 1970’s that the late Charles G. Finney had a sermon entitled “How to preach so as to convert nobody.” Finney said to preach about sin, just don’t name any!
    The last word from Christ was not to go into all the world, but to repent (Revelation 2:14-16). In 1 John 1:9 forgiveness is assured if we CONFESS our sins. It’s about time we agreed with God that we are a sinful people and repent!

    Robert Helton
    Stanley, N.C.

    7/31/2014 9:12:40 AM by Robert Helton, Stanley, N.C. | with 1 comments

Gary Bryson
Thank you Mr. Helton. Homosexuality is one of the major issues of our time. Christians cannot be accepting of homosexuality, or of same-sex marriage. To accept it, or ignore it would be to violate our obligation to God. I have been fighting the sodomites for years. One of the first things you learn when they oppose you is that you will quickly be labeled a "homophobe," which they call anyone who opposes homosexuality.
10/10/2014 11:40:48 AM

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