Lost people in the South, too
    July 1 2014 by David Gasperson, pastor, Warsaw Baptist Church

    Recently I sat in the Southern Baptist Convention in Baltimore listening to convention leaders praise Southern Baptists for supporting the redirection of resources away from the south and to the “Send Cities.”
    Yet he was addressing the smallest attendance at a convention I have ever witnessed, and I couldn’t help but wonder if that says something about the tepid enthusiasm for such a redirection of resources.
    It’s hard to argue with the need of our cities and the host of unreached people in them whether one is considering the “Send Cities” advocated by [North American Mission Board] or the target cities of our own state convention programs. But the southern state conventions without identified “Send Cities” in them also have huge numbers of lost and many crying needs that must be addressed. In our own state, the towns and communities that fall outside the urbanized targets also have enormous challenges.
    Perhaps it’s time to be more assertive about the fact that we are called to confront lostness everywhere and to meet needs at home as well as in the urban centers. Surely there is a reciprocal Acts 1:8 truth that when we go to “the ends of the earth,” we do not in doing so neglect our “Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria.”

    David Gasperson, pastor
    Warsaw Baptist Church

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