Stand for what is right
    March 26 2012 by Dan Lang, Gatesville, N.C.

    In Dudley Stallings’ letter (March 3) he said he did not think pastors should preach about the marriage amendment. Yes, it can cause some controversy, but preachers should stand for what is right according to God’s Word. 
    To illustrate what can happen: In 1989 I changed my membership to a new church. We called a new pastor in 1993, and some time later we voted to change our affiliation from the General Baptist Association of Virginia to The Southern Baptist Conservatives of Virginia. There were a number of families who left. But after a dip in attendance, we began to grow fast.
    When this pastor came the average attendance was 135; now it has reached near 700. This church has planted three other churches that are growing steadily. If you follow God’s leading you can grow.

    Dan Lang
    Gatesville, N.C.

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