March 2013

Bible Drill helped prepare student for college

March 27 2013 by Jessica Francis

For nine years now, I have been spending every spring studying and memorizing God’s [W]ord through Bible Drills. I guess I’ve always taken for granted how much of an impact this program has made on my life. The name alone tells the purpose: Bible Drills. The term drills refers to “any strict, methodical, repetitive, or mechanical training, instruction, or exercise.” Through Bible Drills, I have learned structure and discipline as well as good study skills and how not to procrastinate.
All of the things I have learned throughout Bible Drills have prepared me for life in college. Although the program was initially created solely to learn God’s [W]ord, there are so many more implications that were never dreamed of. Each year has taught me different attributes that will help me through the late nights studying for finals and even for my first job hunt. For the rest of my life I will look back on my nine years of Bible Drills to help me through each trial life may throw my way.
Jessica Francis
(EDITOR’S NOTE – Regional and state Bible drills are in April. Contact Deborah Robson at (800) 395-5102, ext. 5652, for more information. Or email
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Problem with historical Baptists

March 26 2013 by David A. Williams, Waynesville, N.C.

Fred Luter’s address (BR, March 16 issue) betrays the undercurrent of dissatisfaction within “traditional Baptist” circles regarding the “major issue” of “Calvinism,” which (says he) has the potential to “split this convention.” He announced a proclamation that will conceivably “satisfy everybody;” he announces that it is “spiritual warfare” that must be dealt with in a “Christian-like manner,” or “the enemy can come and divide us.” 300 words hardly give me room to address all the problems enumerated here, but I’ll try. 

For 50 years, churches have worked feverishly to distance themselves from the moniker “traditional,” and to modernize; now, some embrace it like a battle flag … and “Calvinists” are the enemy.  The same traditionalists have been quoting [Charles] Spurgeon, a Calvinist (your term), for 100 years.  Check your history on the downgrade controversy; he was censured by his brothers of the cloth, literally and figuratively, because he would not bend to the will of the majority. That is what killed him. He was a historical Baptist, courageously standing in the pulpit until he dropped – proclaiming the glorious truths of God’s Word, which we all ought to be doing. So the battle of traditionalists is not with “Calvinists,” but with historical Baptists, and it is not a war of semantics. It is a struggle for Truth.
We will never “satisfy everybody” by man-made proclamations and never save souls by man-made salvation. Paul the Apostle made it clear that only the elect are saved. “Spiritual warfare” is to be waged against “principalities, powers, etc.,” and certainly not in a “Christian-like manner.” Christians are fallible; our weapons are not carnal; we had best fight in a Christ-like manner, if we have any hope of winning eternally. If the convention splits (again), it will be because we have the idea that the church is ours, but it is not.
David A. Williams, Waynesville, N.C.
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