November 2008

Giving Plan Study Committee Vote…

November 18 2008 by C.J. Bordeaux, Durham

I am still overwhelmed at the voices of “friends” who have known me for many years, asking me at the end of the convention “When did you switch over to be a Cooperative Baptist Fellowship (CBF) person?” I assure them, I have neither flipped nor flopped to the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship.

CBF holds nothing for me. I am forever a Bible-believing, conservative inerrantist. I dearly love our Cooperative Program and our Baptist State Convention. Maybe it is old age, but I have discovered that not everybody believes the way I do. I worked on the Giving Plans Study Committee with some dedicated and devout conservative folks and some who do not see eye to eye with me theologically.

But what I wanted so badly to say to convention messengers, and especially to my brother from Fletcher, is that we need to look at the big picture. This vote was more than just “kicking out” the CBF’ers. Our near-sighted vote hurt the very entities we say we love … the Baptist State Convention of North Carolina and the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC).

I have served on boards of both conventions and know that a larger number than not of those churches dually support the Baptist State Convention of North Carolina (BSCNC) and SBC as well as CBF. Now most, if not all, of those churches will likely withdraw their support altogether from the SBC and BSCNC, which will hamper and hurt our mission work.

It will affect money readily available to support Embrace, church planting, Fruitland and those things we say we support. It will cut funds from North Carolina to the SBC.

Conservative after conservative on the study committee voted to present that report to the convention, believing that what we were doing was right, and godly. I truly believe it would be best to leave that little box to be checked, and if those CBF folks decide it did not work for them, then fine, let them leave on their own. But the way it was presented by my brother from Fletcher is to once again put a black eye on us Baptists as being determined to have things our way or else.

My friendship with folks on the committee who support the CBF does not make me a bad person. Maybe it makes me a person of whom my Lord would be proud — that I can still love those who are not just like me.

It is sad to me that we are convinced that we are perfect and right. I believe that if the Lord were to speak to us face to face, we might get a different answer — one we don’t want to hear.

C.J. Bordeaux

11/18/2008 4:02:00 AM by C.J. Bordeaux, Durham | with 11 comments

CBF divorce saddens

November 18 2008 by Wayne Proctor, Eure

While I pastor a church that gives no support to the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship (CBF), I am saddened that our convention “divorced” CBF by deleting the “giving option.”

While I fully expected this to happen, it is just another evidence of “divorcing” ministry options some disagree with.

I consider the “divorce” with WMU the one that will negatively affect most churches, but the shame is the unwillingness to work alongside others who share most of our core beliefs about the Bible and the necessity of being missional people. The other shame, in my opinion, is that the Baptist State Convention as a whole has become less relevant to us.

I have friends whom I’ve worked with for years in congregational services, and while I will continue to have a partnership with the Convention on that level, there is no way I can support the Convention with the level of trust I held years ago. Furthermore, I have a difficult time really knowing what are the priorities for our Convention, and if those priorities are really about “all the churches.”

There is a disconnect between the Convention and us, the churches, and I’d like to see the Convention try harder to serve “all” Baptists in North Carolina.

Wayne Proctor

11/18/2008 3:57:00 AM by Wayne Proctor, Eure | with 2 comments