CBF divorce saddens
    November 18 2008 by Wayne Proctor, Eure

    While I pastor a church that gives no support to the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship (CBF), I am saddened that our convention “divorced” CBF by deleting the “giving option.”

    While I fully expected this to happen, it is just another evidence of “divorcing” ministry options some disagree with.

    I consider the “divorce” with WMU the one that will negatively affect most churches, but the shame is the unwillingness to work alongside others who share most of our core beliefs about the Bible and the necessity of being missional people. The other shame, in my opinion, is that the Baptist State Convention as a whole has become less relevant to us.

    I have friends whom I’ve worked with for years in congregational services, and while I will continue to have a partnership with the Convention on that level, there is no way I can support the Convention with the level of trust I held years ago. Furthermore, I have a difficult time really knowing what are the priorities for our Convention, and if those priorities are really about “all the churches.”

    There is a disconnect between the Convention and us, the churches, and I’d like to see the Convention try harder to serve “all” Baptists in North Carolina.

    Wayne Proctor

    11/18/2008 3:57:00 AM by Wayne Proctor, Eure | with 2 comments

Wise words Wayne. I appreciate your ability to expand the tent to all closely aligned Baptist. You are absolutely right, if we can't even work with those who the hold the majority of our same core beliefs, then where does that leave us as a people of faith? I find the parable of the Good Samaritan to be an enlightening view into Jesus' theology. The Samaritan, who was despised as the mixed raced outcast among the Jews (outside of the accepted religious norm) is the one who displayed the hand and heart of God in the story -- not the pious religious elite of the high positioned Priest and Levi (religious insiders). Jesus was not so concerned with orthodoxy, He came to demonstrate and call people back to an honest (non-orthodox) relationship with God.
11/23/2008 11:07:49 PM

The fundamentalist masters of the SBC are working their will, Wayne, and now their priorities have become those of the BSCNC. Purging those demonized as "liberal" will continue until few remain. The convention will fail, but at least those turning out the lights will be doctrinally "pure."
11/19/2008 8:12:41 AM

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