A simple formula for cooperation
    November 7 2011 by W. Scott Thompson, Fruitland Baptist Bible Institute

    In an effort to explain why Christian organizations and associations fail to cooperate effectively, a retired pastor in Western North Carolina compared Christians to children on a playground. The pastor explained how elementary school children often pick teams at recess in order to play a game of touch football. After choosing teams and beginning the game, the students are forced to halt the game because of a disagreement between the teams over an imaginary sideline marker. In other words, an unseen line between the corner of the school building on one end of the playground and a tree on the other end of the playground was a necessity in order to determine when a player was out of bounds. This, of course, created confusion when one team thought a player was out of bounds and the other team thought the player was in bounds. Some of the children would argue vehemently. Other children would plead desperately with those who were fighting to stop their feud so they could enjoy playing before the recess ended. Sadly, the pastor replied, “Christian institutions many times resemble children arguing on a playground.”
    Since Jesus was victorious on the cross, Christians should fellowship around the victory already completed instead of fighting over ambiguous issues that cause division. For instance, an atmosphere of celebration and unity is always present when the hometown team wins a championship. Everyone shouts for joy and hugs one another. In an effort to see the hand of God move miraculously, let us pray that every Christian in the Southern Baptist Convention, the Baptist State Convention of North Carolina, all of the local associations in North Carolina, and all of the members of Baptist churches in North Carolina will focus on the finished work of Christ instead of vainly arguing over unimportant issues. This rejoicing over the victory we have in Jesus will create a unity so unique that the world would notice. This alone would infinitely bless our efforts in evangelism and discipleship on a much deeper level than any one program or personality.

    W. Scott Thompson
    vice president of academic affairs
    Fruitland Baptist Bible Institute 

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