October 2011

The younger generation

October 27 2011 by Alvin L. Reid

Thanks for the recent issue (Oct. 15) of the Biblical Recorder focusing on the younger generation. Given that we have more young people in America than ever and as Southern Baptists we reach a remarkably small number annually, this is for me one of the two or three most pressing issues in our time. I am grateful for the focus and pray we will see this generation not merely as the future of the church but the greatest missionary force in our history.  Keep up the good work!

Alvin L. Reid
Wake Forest, NC
(EDITOR’S NOTE – The focus on the younger generation was part of the Biblical Recorder’s efforts to highlight the “Seven Pillars for Ministry” of the Baptist State Convention of North Carolina. See the complete package here.)

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Possible SBC names

October 17 2011 by Ben Durand, Roxboro, NC

I have watched with interest the ongoing discussion about the name change in the SBC. I suppose there are some good arguments being made on both sides. However, when this story broke I couldn't help but think of some potential name changes for the SBC. In no particular order, below are some potential names for the SBC that the task force might consider:

1. The Convention formally known as the SBC. 
2. Ocho Cinco Convention: If it is good enough for Chad Johnson it is good enough for us.  
3. Matthew 29 Network: Watch out Mark Driscoll! 
4. The Red Cru Convention: Crusading Southern Baptist pushing for a Red State America.
5. Mr. Roger's (Adrian) Neighborhood.
6. Big Al's Backyard.
7. RBC: The Radical Baptist Convention: An Experiment.  
8. PDLC: The Purpose Driven Life Convention. 
9. GCBC- The Great Commission Baptist Convention.  
10. BBC: Bible Belt Convention.
Ben Durand
Roxboro, NC
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