Possible SBC names
    October 17 2011 by Ben Durand, Roxboro, NC

    I have watched with interest the ongoing discussion about the name change in the SBC. I suppose there are some good arguments being made on both sides. However, when this story broke I couldn't help but think of some potential name changes for the SBC. In no particular order, below are some potential names for the SBC that the task force might consider:

    1. The Convention formally known as the SBC. 
    2. Ocho Cinco Convention: If it is good enough for Chad Johnson it is good enough for us.  
    3. Matthew 29 Network: Watch out Mark Driscoll! 
    4. The Red Cru Convention: Crusading Southern Baptist pushing for a Red State America.
    5. Mr. Roger's (Adrian) Neighborhood.
    6. Big Al's Backyard.
    7. RBC: The Radical Baptist Convention: An Experiment.  
    8. PDLC: The Purpose Driven Life Convention. 
    9. GCBC- The Great Commission Baptist Convention.  
    10. BBC: Bible Belt Convention.
    Ben Durand
    Roxboro, NC
    10/17/2011 6:24:30 PM by Ben Durand, Roxboro, NC | with 0 comments

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