October 2014

Thankful for NCBH Mother’s Day Offering

October 13 2014 by Terry Cheek, Marion, N.C.

Thank you N.C. Baptists!
In December 2013 I was told by an orthopedic surgeon at the North Carolina Baptist Hospital (NCBH) in Winston-Salem that surgical reconstruction was required on my cervical spine. I am a bivocational pastor. I preach faith in our Lord Jesus Christ; now it was time for me to practice what I preach.
The situation taught me more about faith than anything up to this point in my life. God gave me contentment over my condition, but I was concerned for my wife and family. I asked God to send someone to come alongside them during the nine-and-a-half hour surgery and nine-12 month recovery.
The answer to my prayer began with Billy Pearson Jr., pastor of Stoner’s Grove Baptist Church in Lexington. We met through an emergency communications Ham radio group. Billy came to Baptist Hospital very early the morning of my surgery, and prayed with me and my wife, Lori. He stayed with her until family arrived later in the morning. He did not stop with the day of surgery visit. Billy and his wife visited the morning I was discharged. This expression of love is a testimony that will remain in our hearts for a lifetime.
The staff of the NCBH are some of the most genuine people I have ever met. From the surgeons, their staff, all care givers, chaplains, food service and the list goes on – each was very genuine in the concern they gave to me and my family. I promote the Mother’s Day offering in my church as I never have. I encourage all pastors to do the same!
My recovery is coming to a close. I have returned to my pastorate and my secular job, and I expect to be released from my surgeon’s care soon. Thanks to my wife who has lovingly cared for me for three months. From the love of a fellow pastor, to the folks at my pastorate at Calvary Baptist Church in Marion, to the Blue Ridge Baptist Association, I want to thank you for the role you played in my recovery. I am sure many others were offering up prayer. I want to tell the world how I experienced the love of Christ through so many North Carolina Baptists. Thank you very much!

Terry Cheek,
Calvary Baptist Church, Marion, N.C.
(EDITOR’S NOTE – Materials for the 2015 Mother’s Day Offering promotion are expected to be mailed by the end of March. Leland Kerr, Baptist Healthcare Liaison with FaithHealthNC for the Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center, is the contact person for the offering materials: lakerr@wakehealth.edu or (336) 716-3027.)
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