Glad for ministry to ousted pastors
    September 9 2008 by Jerry Oxendine, Gastonia

    To your Aug. 16 news brief (printed issue) on ministry helping ousted pastors, I say it is about time. Pastors are not infallible, but often they are caught in the church’s “power clique” that believes it is up to them to run the church and fire the pastor. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

    There is no such thing as a “board” of deacons, or a sitting board of executives and many deacons have no clue to what the office or the title actually means. Yet often some pompous deacon asks the preacher to resign simply because he doesn’t like his style or leadership. How shocked would these small-minded “deacons” be to learn that “deacon” actually means one who waits on tables, or simply “servant?”

    When pastors are asked to resign or confronted during a quarterly business meeting, it often turns ugly. It’s not only the pastor who gets hurt, but his family. What of that 13-year-old son who may not be able to say anything about what is going on, but with suppressed rage and clenched fists rejects the church and Christ?

    There were no “ministries” to help pastors in 1962 when it happened to me and my family. I was even manhandled by one of those pompous “deacons” and for years, I too, rejected God and the church that my Daddy served for 70 years.

    It took many years of reckless living and outright rebellion for me to find my way back to my Lord. It was wrong of me, but you could not have convinced me of that in those years of hate and sin.

    How many other preacher’s kids reacted the way I did? Wouldn’t it have been wonderful if such a ministry had been around in 1962?

    Jerry Oxendine

    9/9/2008 3:53:00 AM by Jerry Oxendine, Gastonia | with 1 comments

Tim Marsh

If you ever have any advice for pastors raising there children as PK's, I would be all ears.

Thank you for sharing this editorial/

9/11/2008 11:29:45 AM

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