Lamar King comments reminds reader of when he got saved
    September 23 2008 by Lawrence Helms Turner, Asheville

    I like what Lamar King wrote in his comments for the Sept. 28 lesson (BR, Sept. 13), "In becoming a Christian, we laid down an old life and began a process of giving up those things that characterized that old life. This 'letting go' was not a sad but a joyous experience."

    This made me remember when I got saved. I wanted to be what God wanted me to be. I was so happy to be forgiven. I loved my Lord Jesus Christ with my whole heart, soul and mind. After 40 years, I still love "letting go" for Jesus, not holding to stuff or anything in this world.

    We need to share this "joyous experience" more from the pulpit and with each other in the pew.

    Here's hoping we all learn to love and trust Jesus more with each day.

    Lawrence Helms Turner, Asheville

    9/23/2008 3:48:00 AM by Lawrence Helms Turner, Asheville | with 0 comments

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