Ministry not limited in bi-vocational pastorates
    September 23 2008 by Cecil Hopps, Marshall

    I would like to take issue with a Sept. 13 article in which Mr. Tomlin mentioned the limitations of bi-vocational ministry. He believes it is better to be pastor of two churches, than to have a pastorate and a secular job.

    I have been bi-vocational for 29 years and let me say you are not limited by requirements in the secular world if you are where God wants you to be! The churches I have served have not been hurt because of my secular work. You have the freedom to minister and preach just as any fully funded pastors have and a lot more "freedom" to serve God.

    I chose to be bi-vocational when God called me into the ministry. Having served for three years as a fully funded pastor, I would not go back to that nor would I want to serve two churches at one time. That would be a lot harder than being bi-vocational to me.

    Lester Evans works with bi-vocational pastors with the Baptist State Convention. I thank God for him. He works with us on the BSC bi-vocational pastors and wives retreat as well as the Appalachian bi-vocational celebration, which meets every two years and includes pastors from North Carolina, Virginia, Tennessee, Georgia, Kentucky, South Carolina and West Virginia.  

    God calls us to serve in different ways and to use our gifts and as Paul states, "We  are all co-laborers together with God."

    I am glad, Joey Tomlin, that God called you to pastor two churches, but  the bi-vocational pastor is just as important to God as the fully funded pastor or the pastor of two churches.

    Cecil Hopps, Marshall

    9/23/2008 3:50:00 AM by Cecil Hopps, Marshall | with 0 comments

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