No more snappy slogans
    September 9 2008 by Pat Purdy, Maiden

    As a recovering political junkie, I am struggling these days. It would be nice to just tune it all out, but my Christian responsibility to be and act as a good citizen will not allow that. The challenges facing our nation and the world today are more than ever calling God’s people to stand upon His word and to stand up for Christ Jesus.

    As a nation we are facing many perils today. From within ... Nothing is of greater concern than the fact that the holocaust of the unborn continues unabated. With so many millions having such a tenuous respect for the sanctity of human life, as a nation we are morally deep into the fourth quarter. From without ... More so than any other external threat, Islamic jihad is on our doorstep and presents us with a peril we have never seen. Yes, there are some moderate and peace-seeking Muslims in the world, but the reality is that the Qur’an calls its adherents to war against all infidels.

    So, what or who is the answer? The fact is that the arena of politics, left on its own, will always offer an inadequate response. The truth is this nation is in desperate need of a transformative Christ-centered spiritual revival. As Christ’s church, we must take the lead in healing the land and become once more seriously mobilized and committed to offering Christ to the world. I am not proffering an excuse to stay away from the polls on Election Day. But, as Christians, we need to understand that the real answer is evangelism and in The Great Commission we have our marching orders. It’s past time to get busy — the world is counting on us!    

    Pat Purdy

    9/9/2008 3:55:00 AM by Pat Purdy, Maiden | with 0 comments

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