Ruby Fulbright- a person of impeccable character
    September 23 2008 by Patricia Dunn, Greenville

    Ruby Fulbright, executive director/treasurer of WMU-NC is a person of impeccable character and the highest integrity that is absolutely beyond reproach. The tone of the Biblical Recorder article titled WMU letter exchange in the Aug. 30 issue (page 5), written by Norman Jameson, seems to cast doubt on her integrity.

    I find this unfounded. She has a heart for and a commitment to missions. Her life's work is proof of this. She and her husband were Southern Baptist missionaries to Zambia for 10 years. Through her work with and for WMU-NC, she displays an honorable and trustworthy example of a Christ follower. I have known Ruby Fulbright for over 15 years, both as a fellow church member and as director of discipleship training of my church, Immanuel Baptist Church, Greenville. So I know wherein I speak.

    Supposedly, according to the article, at issue is where materials to support the North American and International Mission boards' special offerings will be available. The bottom line is the promotional materials will be available through the state WMU office, as they have always been. There is only one WMU organization per state and it will serve as the distributor of the special offering materials.

    "WMU national works through the state organizations (as Ruby Fulbright has maintained) but retains just a small amount of materials that may be available for direct distributions to some churches."

    Leading Baptist readers to think that Ruby Fulbright would mishandle the promotional materials that support our beloved missionaries is an injustice to her and to your subscribers.

    Patricia Dunn, Greenville

    9/23/2008 3:52:00 AM by Patricia Dunn, Greenville | with 9 comments

Kay MacVicar
I would like to have a few moments of the reader's time to clear up any misgivings about the integrity of Ruby Fullbright. I have known Ruby for greater than ten years and have worked with her , side by side , on the National WMU Executive Board. She was then and still is the most graceful, hummble servant of God I have met in a long time.I was from the Baptist Convention of New York and was in awe of her ability to remain clear in her purpose and speak the same in her follow-through.I was delighted to join her on the NC WMU Executive Board when I moved to NC.This subtle attempt on behalf of the BSC to fold NCWMU into it's own organization and identify the WMU organization as it's employees was discovered by her and her staff and they handled their swift move..with love and honor! Period!
10/4/2008 1:39:58 PM

This series of posts started with a wrong assumption: that I questioned Ruby's integrity. Please read the story again and you'll find that it is not the writer who questioned the veracity of her statements. I'm glad ya'll have taken the opportunity to affirm a woman in whom I hold high regard.
10/1/2008 7:06:06 PM

Beverly B. Butler
I am most appreciative of the postings supporting Ruby Fulbright. I, too, attest to her impeccable character. I served with Ruby through my local association, watched as she served as WMU NC President [a volunteer position] and feel honored to call Ruby, my friend. The only agenda Ruby Fulbright has is to serve Jesus Christ and His kingdom, being obedient to Him as her Lord and Master.
9/29/2008 1:14:38 PM

Vicki Clark
Thank you for posting Mrs. Dunn's letter. I too found the tone of Mr. Jameson's article disturbing. Mrs. Fulbright's response to the attempted take over of WMU-NC by BSCNC has been and continues to be above reproach. Thoughout these discussions, she has always maintained a desire to continue to work in cooperation with BSCNC.
9/28/2008 8:30:13 PM

Paula Settle
As a former WMU-NC executive board member and international missionary, I can also vouch for
the integrity of Mrs. Fulbright. For several years I have called her Queen Esther because
she has truly "come into the Kingdom/NC" for such a time as this. She has given strong
leadership and she has done it with integrity. NC Baptists should be proud to have her
during these difficult and exciting days of ministry opportunities.

Paula Settle
Stanton, Ky.

9/26/2008 10:31:07 AM

Linda Ruffin
I have never met any of the gentlemen who are in charge of the BSC. I only know about them by their actions during this stressful time. I have become acquainted with Ruby Fulbright through my membership on the WMUNC executive board and I can say without any doubt that when I look at this lady I see a "tower of strength and humbleness" at the same time. She is one of the grandest ladies I have ever met and by "grandest" I mean great and Godly. I have been a part of the WMU since my Sunbeam days and think it is one of the most important tools God has provided to spread His Word and help those in need. Please remember, Peter stepped out of the boat into the water and walked to Jesus, when he began to sink Jesus lifted him up and told him not to take his eyes off HIM. Jesus is everywhere, not just in the boat...Guess WMUNC has to keep their eyes on the great "I AM". I believe Ruby's eyes are truly focused on our Heavenly Father.
9/24/2008 6:43:09 PM

Jan High
As a staff member of WMU of North Carolina I have knowledge of Ruby Fulbright on a day-to-day basis and I can agree totally with the comments above about her character. Not many people know about her commitment to the Lord through prayer. Every morning for the past six years, she rises early to have her own prayer time and devotion at home. She then drives to the office and arrives 30 minutes before anyone else to spend that time in concerted prayer for WMU, those who are a part of it and for the lost of our world. How many of us can say we spend that much time on our knees everyday with the Lord, praying for the church/ministry with which we work? Ruby Fulbright is the "real deal" and the staff of WMU of North Carolina see it every day.
9/24/2008 3:28:56 PM

Delores Thomas
I also appreciate the posting of Patricia Dunn's letter regarding the character of Ruby Fulbright, Executive Director/Treasurer of WMU NC. Mrs. Fulbright is indeed a person of highest integrity and character. Throughout the discussions regarding WMU NC and the BSCNC effort to gain control of WMU NC, Mrs. Fulbright has taken the high road, continuing to handle those matters also with the same grace and dignity which define her. Those who know her and the difficulties thrust upon her know must attest to that fact.
9/24/2008 11:52:53 AM

Tana Hartsell
Thank you for posting this letter from Patricia Dunn related to the character of Ruby Fulbright, Executive Director/Treasurer of Woman's Missionary Union of North Carolina. I agree with Mrs. Dunn that Ruby's charater and integrity are beyond reproach. She is one of the most godly women I have ever known, and during all of this conflict with the BSC, I have never seen her handle matters, publicly or privately, with the utmost grace and demonstration of Christ's love. How dare Mr. Davis. Instead of impuning Mrs. Fulbright's reputation and honesty, he has done quite the opposite and given North Carolina Baptists insight into who he is and the nature of his own heart.
9/24/2008 8:37:12 AM

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