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  • Thankful for NCBH Mother’s Day Offering

    October 13 2014 by Terry Cheek, Marion, N.C. | with 0 comments

    Thank you N. C. Baptists!   In December 2013 I was told by an orthopedic surgeon at the North Carolina Baptist Hospital (NCBH) in Winston-Salem that surgical reconstruction was required on my cervical spine. I am a bivocational pastor. I preach faith in our Lord Jesus Christ; now it was time for me to practice what I preach.

  • Bible camp opens door to minister

    September 23 2014 by Clara Huff, Wilmington, N.C. | with 0 comments

    Praise the Lord and thanks to those who took advantage of the “open door” to minister to the children in the schools in Hungary. How exciting to read of the English Bible camps that gave children the opportunity to hear the news of Jesus Christ, our Savior.

  • Engagement is biblical

    August 13 2014 by Mark Creech, Christian Action League of North Carolina, Inc. | with 0 comments

    As executive director of the Christian Action League, it’s quite common for me to hear from those who believe the influence of the gospel should be enough to change society. They shun any kind of “political activism” by Christians.

  • Political activism not needed

    August 13 2014 by Tim McKittrick, Stoney Point, N.C. | with 0 comments

    Romans 1:18-32 describes God’s judicial wrath of abandonment.   The fourth circuit court of appeals overturning Virginia’s marriage amendment, which will probably result in North Carolina’s being overturned, is further evidence that America is under God’s judgment.

  • Afraid of being labeled ‘homophobic’?

    July 31 2014 by Robert Helton, Stanley, N.C. | with 1 comments

    As a Christian since 1954, I was appalled by the letter from the S. C. pastor, a graduate of Gardner-Webb University, who remarked that the SBC should get over their obsession with homosexuality. I was even more stunned that no pastor or church leader would refute this irrational and un-Biblical statement! Are we so afraid of being labeled “homophobic” or “hateful” that we don’t stand on the truth of God’s Word?   Anyone who reads the first chapter of Romans, among many other verses, can come to no other conclusion that this is a sinful lifestyle.

  • Encouraged, but concerned

    July 15 2014 by Ricky Mason, Maggie Valley, N.C. | with 0 comments

    Having just returned from the Southern Baptist Convention meeting in Baltimore, I was encouraged to see more young pastors and staff members attending than in recent years. I was also happy to hear positive reports of record giving to our Lottie Moon Christmas Offering and a slight increase in our Cooperative Program giving after several years of decline.

  • Where are the protestors?

    July 3 2014 by Mark Perko, Wadesboro, N.C. | with 1 comments

    I am now in my 25th year of pastoral ministry and have been a faithful attender of the [Southern Baptist Convention] each summer only missing two or three times. I vividly remember being in St. Louis where our facility was briefly locked down, and the handful of protestors who actually charged the platform were subdued.

  • Lost people in the South, too

    July 1 2014 by David Gasperson, pastor, Warsaw Baptist Church | with 0 comments

    Recently I sat in the Southern Baptist Convention in Baltimore listening to convention leaders praise Southern Baptists for supporting the redirection of resources away from the south and to the “Send Cities. ”   Yet he was addressing the smallest attendance at a convention I have ever witnessed, and I couldn’t help but wonder if that says something about the tepid enthusiasm for such a redirection of resources.

  • Thank God for Gardner-Webb University

    June 18 2014 by Eddie Hall, Spartanburg, S.C. | with 3 comments

    As a former student of Gardner-Webb University (GWU), I thank God for the love they showed me while I was there.   Growing up in a legalistic Southern Baptist church and attending a conservative college in South Carolina who did not show the love of Jesus, GWU was a place where I was healed in many ways.

  • Concerned about make-up of NAMB task force

    June 3 2014 by Hershel C. Johnson, Trenton, N.C. | with 1 comments

    I write with reference to the item in the Biblical Recorder for May 24 entitled “Task force addresses declining baptisms. ” I have many observations and questions about this article, but I will touch on only three – each related to the make-up of the group.

  • Gardner-Webb leader’s wording in question

    April 22 2014 by David Roberts, Lenoir, N.C. | with 0 comments

    As an academe myself, I respect and appreciate the desire to understand and analyze research and differing viewpoints in the academy. Dialogue is good as long as it comes under the scrutiny of the truth of God’s Word, otherwise, one is merely “always learning and never able to come to the knowledge of truth.

  • The formation of the IMB search committee

    March 28 2014 by David Uth, chairman of the IMB board of trustees | with 0 comments

    (EDITOR’S NOTE – The following letter is a response to Tom Womble’s submission to the Biblical Recorder. See the link at bottom to read Womble’s opinion piece). Dear Tom: You have posed an understandable question about the makeup of the search committee for the next International Mission Board (IMB) president.

  • IMB search committee lacks N.C. member

    March 25 2014 by Tom Womble, Fuquay-Varina, N.C. | with 0 comments

    It is with disappointment we note the short tenure of International Mission Board (IMB) President Tom Elliff. My most serious concern recognizing his imminent departure is the make-up of the search committee to find his successor.   On receipt of an IMB letter sent to former board members and missionaries, my attention was quickly drawn to the fact that there is not a member from North Carolina on the search committee.

  • Thank you, N.C. Baptists

    November 4 2013 by Roger Carlson NAMB MSC, NC Partnership Coordinator, Baptist Convention Pennsylvania/South Jersey | with 0 comments

    Once again I would like to thank all the North Carolina churches that helped us in Pennsylvania this past summer through the North Carolina/Pennsylvania Partnership. Approximately 28 churches came and helped with construction requests, [Vacation Bible Schools], Backyard Bible Clubs, sports camps, community projects, etc.

  • Reach out to retired pastors

    August 27 2013 by Name withheld | with 0 comments

    When a racehorse can no longer race they are turned out to pasture. This is what happens to many faithful pastors. Because of age, they retire.  Although I was still preaching to a packed house at near 70 years old when I retired. But upon my retirement, I served several churches as an interim before I had to give up that ministry to care for my wife who was ill, whom I lost four years ago.

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