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  • Doctor disagrees with Mohler on Zimmerman case

    August 26 2013 by Dr. Charles P. Nicholson Jr., Greensboro, N.C. | with 2 comments

    This is written to [Albert Mohler] expressing some differences of opinion with your views in “After verdict, the central tragedy remains” (Biblical Recorder, Aug. 3).   I dare write neither of us knows all the facts. The ones I do know – matters of public record – do not portray Trayvon Martin as “a normal, happy 17-year-old boy,” which is your description of him.

  • Respect missing in Martin-Zimmerman confrontation

    August 13 2013 by Joe Cappar, Jacksonville, N.C. | with 1 comments

    In reference to the featured opinion articles by Drs. [Russell] Moore and [Al] Mohler in the Aug. 3 edition, I was sad to see that both allowed themselves to be lured into the race trap.   Yes, there were racial implications of the [Trayvon] Martin-[George] Zimmerman case, and Christians do need to engage the issues of race relations in America.

  • (EDITOR’S NOTE – The following is an open letter written May 20 to North Carolina Baptists and Milton Hollifield Jr. , executive director-treasurer of the Baptist State Convention of N. C. by Don Rogers, a retired campus minister from University of North Carolina at Charlotte.

  • Bible Drill helped prepare student for college

    March 27 2013 by Jessica Francis | with 0 comments

    For nine years now, I have been spending every spring studying and memorizing God’s [W]ord through Bible Drills. I guess I’ve always taken for granted how much of an impact this program has made on my life. The name alone tells the purpose: Bible Drills.

  • Problem with historical Baptists

    March 26 2013 by David A. Williams, Waynesville, N.C. | with 1 comments
  • Movement goal is to silence believers

    February 26 2013 by Chris Rathbone, Bakersville, N.C. | with 0 comments

    If any Christian pays close attention to what is really going on behind this “gay movement,” we can see the real motive behind what is happening. This is not just about the Boy Scouts being pressured to accept gays and lesbians as troop leaders.

  • Connecticut shooting raises questions

    December 31 2012 by Micheal S. Pardue, Pastor, High Shoal Baptist Church, Mooresboro, N.C. | with 0 comments

    An unspeakable tragedy struck Dec. 14 in Connecticut. Just after students were finished pledging allegiance, a crazed gunman took from them their fundamental right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. This community is statistically one of the safest, but that did not prevent one of the worst acts of violence.

  • Thank you, N.C. Baptists

    November 6 2012 by Roger Carlson NAMB MSC, Baptist Convention Pennsylvania/South Jersey | with 0 comments

    From Philadelphia to Erie and many points in between, thank you to all the North Carolina partnership teams who came to Pennsylvania to help us this summer. Twenty five teams did 40 projects. We pray that you were blessed by the experience of helping fellow Christians.

  • We need to learn from history

    August 27 2012 by Charles E. Buchanan Jr., Bakersville, N.C. | with 0 comments

    If we don’t learn from history, we will live to repeat it. In 1807 the French Broad Baptist Association was formed with three churches from Broad River, and three from Holston. One of the churches, Cane River, had as its pastor Stephen Morgan, the son of Perimiter Morgan who had come out of Shubal Stearns’ Sandy Creek Association, and had settled in the Rutherford area.

  • Calvinism not the problem

    August 14 2012 by Charlie Wallace, pastor, David Baptist Church, Kings Mountain | with 3 comments

    As I was reading Les Puryear’s article, “Is there a Calvinist agenda to reform traditional SBC chuches?,” I felt like I was experiencing deja vu. It seems like every few months I read something somewhere written by some pastor about the evils of reformed theology.

  • Questioning support of football

    August 1 2012 by David Pence, Hillsboro, Ill. | with 1 comments

    Great article about Chick-fil-A. They are truly an honor to our Lord. I especially appreciated Dan Cathy saying organizations can’t be Christian; only people are Christian.  Jesus did not die for businesses; He died for people.  I have a “however,” however.

  • A story of advancing in the SBC

    July 30 2012 by William E. McCall, Mooresville | with 0 comments

    The election of Fred Luter as Southern Baptist Convention president is a great story of God’s work. Franklin Avenue Baptist Church has advanced from a church that would not allow its mission church to baptize African Americans to the largest Baptist church in Louisiana, made up [mostly] of African Americans.

  • Scouting a helpful evangelism tool

    July 2 2012 by R. Chip Turner, Tar Heel Voices | with 0 comments

    During the recent meeting of the Southern Baptist Convention in New Orleans, a number of concerned messengers visited the Association of Baptists for Scouting booth to ask if they had heard correctly that the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) were planning to loosen their standards regarding requirements for adult leaders.

  • Stand for what is right

    March 26 2012 by Dan Lang, Gatesville, N.C. | with 0 comments

    In Dudley Stallings’ letter (March 3) he said he did not think pastors should preach about the marriage amendment. Yes, it can cause some controversy, but preachers should stand for what is right according to God’s Word.     To illustrate what can happen: In 1989 I changed my membership to a new church.

  • Pastors should take a stand

    March 12 2012 by J. Hubert Street, Columbus, N.C. | with 0 comments

    I want to commend Erik Stanley for his inspirational and informative article in the Feb. 18 edition, urging churches to do what any Christian and church should do concerning the state marriage amendment.

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