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  • CBF divorce saddens

    November 18 2008 by Wayne Proctor, Eure | with 2 comments

    While I pastor a church that gives no support to the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship (CBF), I am saddened that our convention “divorced” CBF by deleting the “giving option.” While I fully expected this to happen, it is just another evidence of...

  • Ruby Fulbright, a person of impeccable character

    September 23 2008 by Patricia Dunn, Greenville | with 9 comments

    Ruby Fulbright, executive director/treasurer of WMU-NC is a person of impeccable character and the highest integrity that is absolutely beyond reproach. The tone of the Biblical Recorder article titled WMU letter exchange in the Aug. 30 issue...

  • Ministry not limited in bi-vocational pastorates

    September 23 2008 by Cecil Hopps, Marshall | with 0 comments

    I would like to take issue with a Sept. 13 article in which Mr. Tomlin mentioned the limitations of bi-vocational ministry. He believes it is better to be pastor of two churches, than to have a pastorate and a secular job. I have been bi...

  • Lamar King comments reminds reader of when he got saved

    September 23 2008 by Lawrence Helms Turner, Asheville | with 0 comments

    I like what Lamar King wrote in his comments for the Sept. 28 lesson (BR, Sept. 13), "In becoming a Christian, we laid down an old life and began a process of giving up those things that characterized that old life. This 'letting go' was not a sad...

  • What's the battle for the Bible?

    September 23 2008 by Max O. Welborn, Yadkinville | with 0 comments

    I read with interest the front page article (BR, Sept. 13) on Pastor-Pew disconnect. I would like to know what the "battle for the Bible" means and if the battle is really over. Who won?Max O. Welborn, Yadkinville

  • Thankful for Howard story

    September 9 2008 by Ned L. Mathews, Wake Forest | with 0 comments

    Thank you for the outstanding contribution on the life of Charles Howard. His influence on many of us is remembered with great fondness and I include myself especially. It was evident when I heard him preach that his life was a reflection of what...

  • Private wealth reduces poverty

    September 9 2008 by Robert Louis Edwards, Raleigh | with 1 comments

    I was appalled by Tom Ehrich’s “A long overdue conversation” (BR, Aug. 2) which questioned the ethics of private property. This is another example of Jesus Christ being replaced by Karl Marx, in the advocacy of the social gospel. Mr. Ehrich needs...

  • No more snappy slogans

    September 9 2008 by Pat Purdy, Maiden | with 0 comments

    As a recovering political junkie, I am struggling these days. It would be nice to just tune it all out, but my Christian responsibility to be and act as a good citizen will not allow that. The challenges facing our nation and the world today are...

  • Glad for ministry to ousted pastors

    September 9 2008 by Jerry Oxendine, Gastonia | with 1 comments

    To your Aug. 16 news brief (printed issue) on ministry helping ousted pastors, I say it is about time. Pastors are not infallible, but often they are caught in the church’s “power clique” that believes it is up to them to run the church and fire...

  • Where are the other candidates?

    August 26 2008 by Chuck Mann, Greensboro | with 1 comments

     I am a big believer in “separation of church and state.” Jesus once said, “Render unto Caesar (the government) what is Caesar’s (the government’s). Render unto God what is God’s.” Jesus wasn’t a millionaire with a megachurch, and He wasn’t...

  • Exercise of little profit

    August 26 2008 by Rosalee Wells, Youngsville | with 1 comments

    Your July 19 issue gave the major portion to the subject of obesity. This is something we all need to be aware of — what we eat and how we exercise — because the Bible does say our bodies are the temple of God (1 Cor. 3:18). The Bible also says...

  • Can't embrace new ministry

    August 26 2008 by Hazel Frady, Lexington | with 4 comments

    In the June 7 issue you proudly announced the new Baptist State Convention’s women’s ministry named ‘Embrace’ and its plans for missions. What do you think the Woman’s Missionary Union of North Carolina has been doing all these years prior to the...

  • Appreciation to BCH

    August 26 2008 by Mitchell Shields, Truett Baptist Association Missionary | with 0 comments

    Almost three years ago, Truett Baptist Association began investigating the possibility of opening a children’s home in response to a need expressed by church members and by the Departments of Social Services in Clay, Cherokee and Graham counties. ...

  • Need harsher judgments

    August 26 2008 by Becky Wiley, Kings Mountain | with 0 comments

    I just read the letter “Castration cure for rapist” in the Aug. 2 issue. I agree with the writer completely. I have said that for years. We need more judges who will give more punishment. It’s like the writer said — for predators complete...

  • As we think, so we are

    August 13 2008 by Jim Ballard, Charlotte | with 0 comments

    It is good that congregations are beginning to address health issues of pastors and members. I believe there is an element missing in the health care area. As one who has counseled for over 20 years, I have observed that we have done a good job...

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