Tar Heel Voices
  • Column too close to socialism

    August 13 2008 by Clyde Pearce, Raleigh | with 0 comments

    I am always discouraged when someone uses veiled faith to panhandle a political agenda, such as that in the editorial by Tom Ehrich entitled "A long overdue conversation," Aug. 2, 2008. Following is an excerpt directly from Karl Marx's Communist...

  • Maximizing Christ

    August 13 2008 by James Helvey, Winston Salem | with 0 comments

    Dale Steele makes a vital point in his letter of concern about understanding and sharing Christ, "the way, the truth and the life." The problem is that too many Christians, as well as non-Christians, fail to appreciate the spiritual fullness of...

  • Rape is not about sex

    August 13 2008 by Norma Moore, Greensboro | with 0 comments

    I am not usually incensed/disappointed enough to reply to a letter of idiocy such as seen in "Tar Heel Voices" (print, Aug. 2; online, July 28). I especially am not prone to discuss genitalia in print either but to think there is a human being...

  • Leave health advice to pros

    July 28 2008 by Max Welborn, Yadkinville | with 2 comments

    I wonder what virus infected your brain when you dedicated practically the entire July 19 issue to "Fat America." I think you should stick to helping churches save souls and leave physical health advice up to people far more competent to give this...

  • Churches in grievous state

    July 28 2008 by Sharranne G. Lloyd, Fayetteville | with 3 comments

    I am an agent for a Christian music evangelist. My artist seeks to encourage the Church through music and testimony. Over the last two years she has ministered to 139 churches. I sometimes make 75 calls a day seeking engagements on her behalf...

  • Castration cure for rapists

    July 28 2008 by Georgie Kitchen, Winston-Salem | with 0 comments

    I just finished reading the numerous articles regarding "Betrayed Trust" (printed in the July 5 issue of BR). With so many too lenient judges who think a "warning" for the neighbors and a little bit of jail time will cause a change in these...

  • Survey says too many ways to heaven

    July 16 2008 by Dale O. Steele | with 0 comments

    The most recent survey on religion in America indicated that 90 percent of Americans believe in God. More than half of those also believe there are many ways to find God and get to heaven. Often the whole subject of heaven produces a...

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