And the weight winners are ...
April 20 2001 by Tony W. Cartledge, BR Editor

Friday, April 20, 2001

And the weight winner is ...

By Tony W. Cartledge BR Editor When I set out on Jan. 1 to trim down from 223 to 195 pounds, my personal goal was to get it done by Easter. Now, lots of apples and Subway sandwiches (with fat-free honey mustard dressing and no cheese) later - and with many late-night miles on the treadmill behind me, I have arrived. I invited readers to guess when I'd hit the target, and offered a Biblical Recorder shirt to the person who came the closest. Two readers picked dates in March, and I almost made it - I was within a pound on March 15 when I left for South Africa, where "fat-free food" is a non-concept. I finally hit the magic number April 10, and have managed to maintain since then.

So, who wins the shirt? The closest guess was turned in by Virginia Griffen of First Baptist Church in Marshville, whose guess was April 16. I thought she figured that racing toward the income tax deadline would help me sweat off the last few pounds. She would have been right. It turns out that she picked April 16 because it was her son's birthday. Maybe she'll let him wear the shirt.

I feel much better now and sleep better, too. I can run farther and exercise longer. My abdominal muscles aren't chiseled, but at least I can see them again.

Why was I successful in losing weight this year, when I failed miserably in two other attempts over the past couple of years?

The answer, for me, is accountability. After announcing my intentions in the Biblical Recorder, I had to either lose weight or be really embarrassed in Baptist settings.

Whether our goal is to shed pounds, grow in grace or improve our prayer life, having friends to keep us accountable can make all the difference.

Thanks for your help!

Have some goal you're working toward? Don't be afraid to ask others for an accountability hand.

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