Stop and smell the culverts
April 25 2003 by Tony W. Cartledge , BR Editor

Stop and smell the culverts | Friday, April 25, 2003

Friday, April 25, 2003

Stop and smell the culverts

By Tony W. Cartledge BR Editor

I am by nature a rather task-oriented person, especially when it comes to things I don't especially enjoy - like jogging. I want to get my heart pumping, keep my legs moving, and generally get my full 45-50 minute's worth in so I can move on to the 10 minutes of stretching my physical therapist expects and the 15 minutes of ice on the hip that my doctor wants so I can finally take a shower and tackle the next thing on my agenda. Since I usually run late at night, the next thing is usually spelled with a lot of z's.

I take the dog with me so she can get out of the yard, but she has her own agenda, and it's not a steady trot.

She loves to run, but she also wants to stop and stick her nose into every driveway culvert or hole in the ground to see what critters are stirring.

She wants to sniff every mailbox post, rock or tuft of grass big enough to invite a boy dog to lift his leg on the way through.

I thought neutering might dim her fascination with pheromones, but she seems to find some secret doggy message in every drip, drop and spatter of spoor.

You'd be surprised how strongly a 12-pound dog can pull when she plants all four feet. The added resistance on the leash keeps my heart rate going, even when my feet are barely moving.

But I don't run every day. On the other days we walk, and I let the pooch stop and sniff to her heart's content.

While she vacuums all the ground-level smells, I become alert for a hint of honeysuckles, the scent of rain on the way, or the fresh fragrance of new-mown grass.

Running may build up the body, but an olfactory adventure can be good for the soul.

It's amazing what you can learn from a dog.

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