Family Bible Study lesson for May 1: Seek God's purpose : Friday, April 8, 2005
April 8 2005 by Phillip Hamm

Family Bible Study lesson for May 1: Seek God's purpose : Friday, April 8, 2005
Friday, April 8, 2005

Family Bible Study lesson for May 1: Seek God's purpose

By Phillip Hamm
Focal Passages: Genesis 12:1-7,10-18

"We've never done that before!" You might expect me to say those words came from a group of deacons or during a church council meeting. Fortunately they weren't uttered in our church. Unfortunately those words are heard with some frequency in our home from our five-year-old.

She's not a big fan of change. Whether it is passing down her favorite pants that are three inches too short or rearranging the furniture in our living room, she likes things to remain the same.

If we're honest with ourselves, the only time we like change is when it occurs to someone else.

It says in 2 Corinthians 5:17 that when "we are in Christ we are new creations, the old things have passed away and all things have become new." As difficult as this may be for us, becoming a new creation does require change. Here is how we can adapt to change a little better.

Look for God's Purpose

Genesis 12:1-3

Abram was asked to leave everything he knew in order to obey God. This request was no simple task. The only incentive given to Abram was that God was going to make from him a great nation. This promise must have been difficult to believe at the time.

When I was seven years old, our family was outgrowing our home. My parents decided it would be more cost effective to add on to the house rather than move. However, the new layout required that my room become part of the expanded kitchen. This change was not something I was looking forward to with excitement.

Our house was decorated with that lovely yellow trim and yellow doors common to many 70's era homes. When the day came to remove my yellow closet door and replace it with a more modern looking door, I snapped. I laid in front of the yellow door weeping my eyes out and saying over and over: "I love my yellow door."

My parents tried to convince me that the new room was going to be much bigger and better. But the crying continued to no avail.

The addition continued, the yellow door was replaced, and wouldn't you know it, my new room was much bigger and better than my old one.

This is usually our response when God works in our lives and says that we must change an attitude, a habit, or even a vocation. We whine and cry all the way, only eventually to find out that God's purpose was much better than what we previously had planned.

I'm so glad that He doesn't require us to make these changes all alone.

Recognize God's Presence

Genesis 12:4-7

Abram was asked to make some drastic changes in his life. But our loving God wasn't going to make him go through it all by himself. Verse 7 tells us that God appeared to Abram; therefore, Abram made a place to worship Him.

Worship reminds us of God's presence. During the hectic activities of our daily routines, we tend to forget that God's presence is always with us. The reason we are reminded of God's presence during worship is because worship has nothing to do with us. Worship is, or should be, all about recognizing God and His attributes.

Almost all the fusses in churches regarding change would be eliminated if we would put more attention on recognizing God's presence and less on demanding our own way. This task is, recognizably, a very difficult thing to do, but God gives us the ability to make the transition when we seek His help.

Seek God's Help

Genesis 12:10-18

Abram made a terrible mistake. He attempted to handle change on his own, and he ended up in serious trouble.

God always provides us the ability to make changes in our lives. Sometimes He gives us His peace to endure a difficult transition. Sometimes He provides us with the material needs required to make the necessary change. And sometimes He places in our lives people who simply hold us and love us while the changes take place.

In my case, He gave me parents who took my beloved yellow door and placed it in the attic where it remains to this day. Change isn't easy, but God requires it from His children, thus making us who He wants us to be.

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