Family Bible Study lesson for May 8: Believe God : Friday, April 22, 2005
April 22 2005 by Phillip Hamm

Family Bible Study lesson for May 8: Believe God : Friday, April 22, 2005
Friday, April 22, 2005

Family Bible Study lesson for May 8: Believe God

By Phillip Hamm
Focal Passages: Genesis 17:15-19; 18:10-15; 21:1-5

The Family Bible Study writer questions trust by speaking of "security systems, hidden cameras, broken marriage vows, broken campaign promises, and secret alliances to vote you off the island," then asks, "Does anyone trust anyone anymore?"

The better question is, "Does anyone trust God anymore?" We have a tendency to take our distrustful experiences with others and assume God is no different.

The Promise of God's Provision

Genesis 17:15-19

Abraham and Sarah had been promised by God that they would have a son. There was one hitch: Sarah was 90 and Abraham 100 years old - not exactly what we would consider prime childbearing years. It is difficult to believe that God will provide something that is so apparently impossible. But we do serve a God of impossibilities.

Scott and Amy began their marriage with more than $26,000 in credit card debt. As they studied scripture they became convinced that they had to pay off the massive bill. After changing major lifestyle habits, which included using all of Amy's salary to pay off the debt, they became debt free. However, God had been challenging them to give much more money to their church. They decided to give a whopping 30 percent of their combined salaries. Such a commitment changed their plans to purchase a new home. But weeks after making this decision, God opened the opportunity for them to move to a newly built apartment that was twice as big and half their current rent.

In the meantime, Amy was given a raise. As Scott added up the numbers, he realized they were financially more stable after having committed to giving more to the church than before.

Philippians 4:19 says, "God will supply all your needs according to His riches in glory." For many of us this verse is easier to quote than to believe. But just as Scott and Amy learned, God always provides.

The Promise of God's Power

Genesis 18:10-15

Sarah, as would any woman her age, had a difficult time believing that God was going to give her a son. Our response to circumstances like this reveals what we believe about God. All too often, like Sarah, we really don't believe that God is powerful enough to accomplish the impossible.

God has blessed the church I serve in a great way. We outgrew our facilities and after researching the issue, found that county codes would not allow a building the size we needed on our available land. We pressed the adjacent property owners to sell to us, but to no avail. "What do we do now?" I fretted.

I knew God had clearly commanded us in scripture to reach our community, but without more space we were limited. It appeared that God had sure gotten Himself in a mess. But, as I was to learn, God is too powerful to make messes. He makes perfect plans.

As I drove back to the church from lunch one afternoon I noticed a piece of property for sale a mile from our church. I called the realty number and asked the cost of the land. I literally laughed out loud on the phone when she quoted the outrageous price the owner was asking.

She wanted to know why I was asking and I explained our predicament. About 20 minutes later she called to tell me that a man had come into her office while we were speaking wanting to sell 20 acres of land. His only request was that the land be sold to a church. And it was one mile from our current facility on the same road.

We are under contract to purchase this land and relocate. We have learned that God is powerful enough to work out the details of our circumstances in order to accomplish His perfect will, even when our circumstances appear impossible.

Can we trust God? Will He provide all that we need? Can He overcome the roadblocks that cause doubts in our lives?

Time and time again the Bible proclaims that God is good to His word. We can trust Him to keep His promises and trust Him to provide. He may not do these things the way we expect, but He always does them according to His perfect plan.

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