Family Bible Study lesson for Aug. 25: Relationships - Who Needs Whom?
August 9 2002 by Crate Jones , Genesis 4:1-16

Family Bible Study lesson for Aug. 25: Relationships - Who Needs Whom? | Friday, Aug. 9, 2002

Friday, Aug. 9, 2002

Family Bible Study lesson for Aug. 25: Relationships - Who Needs Whom?

By Crate Jones Genesis 4:1-16

In "The Waltons" TV program, a man was looking at an empty, rundown house. He said, "An empty house dies of loneliness; it needs someone to live in it."

When God finished creating the world, He needed someone to live in it; so He created Adam and Eve. Evidently, He needs us; and assuredly we need Him.

Life is made up of many relationships. However, our relationship with God is of utmost importance.

The first family

Adam and Eve, Cain and Able sound like an ideal family, but sin tore them apart. Envy, strife, anger and even murder destroyed the kind of relationship they should have had.

Cain killed Able and tried to cover his guilt. When God asked him where his brother was, he said, "I do not know. Am I my brother's keeper?" He wasn't but should have been.

I have seen families demolished by alcohol, drugs, immorality, hatred, cruelty, abuse and a host of other sins rooted in the selfish soil of me, my and mine. Sin breaks; Jesus mends.

Only by a right relationship with God can families be anywhere near what He wants them to be.

Harriett's nephew visited our home and said. "I like to come here because it's peaceful." That's because the Prince of Peace lives here.

Getting to know the Lord lifts life to a higher level. Jesus came into the world so that through Him we can have a right relationship with the heavenly Father!

Breaking points

Sadly, relationships can break down. It happens in families, among friends and even in churches.

Through misunderstandings, friends can come to a fork in the road.

A preacher and a friend had some words that created a strained relationship. The closeness was gone.

Finally, the preacher realized what the man had said was harsh but what he needed to hear. He went to him and said, "I just want to thank you for what you have meant to me."

The friend replied, "I didn't know I had meant anything to anybody."

"Oh yes you have." said the preacher. "God used you to show me some things I needed to see. I want you to know that I love you."

With tears in his eyes, the friend thanked the preacher and took him by the hand. A lasting relationship was born.

Even churches plow through choppy waters. It must grieve Jesus to see His church splintered, pitting Christian against Christian and church against church. It was said of the early Christians, "See how they love one another." Now, the divisions among churches are taking their toll. Jesus wants us to believe in Him and then to love each other.

I heard a story about two churches in a small town. Both were slowly dying for lack of members. They decided to merge into one church.

During their discussion, it was discovered that one church repeated the Lord's prayer by saying "forgive us our trespasses" and the other church repeated, "forgive us our debts."

They could not agree, so each went back to his own church - one to its debts and the other to its trespasses.

Balm in Gilead

When our daughter was two-and-a-half years old, she made a mistake. I raised my voice to her. It broke her heart.

Seeing her sitting in her little red rocking chair, thumb in mouth, tears streaming down her face, it broke my heart. On my knees, I said, "Cathy, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to act that way. Will you forgive me?"

Still rocking, thumb in her mouth, she said, "Dat's awwight."

Our relationship was restored. That's God's kind of grace and forgiveness.

Our grandson, Taylor, was riding his pony; his mother was riding her horse as they looked down the lane expecting grandmother to come driving up. She was late and Taylor was worried.

All of a sudden, he said, "Woah, pony! Prayer time." And so he prayed that she would arrive safely.

Sure enough, in a little while, there she was. Taylor galloped his pony to her car and shouted, "Booma! I prayed and you came."

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