Missions begins at home
August 9 2002 by Jim Royston , BSC Executive Director-treasurer

Missions begins at home | Friday, Aug. 9, 2002

Friday, Aug. 9, 2002

Missions begins at home

By Jim Royston BSC Executive Director-treasurer

We often get calls here at the Baptist Building asking if this is the number for "Baptist headquarters." The person answering the telephone corrects them by saying that their church, not a Baptist Building, is our headquarters and that conventions and associations only exist to serve churches in whatever ways possible.

Local churches are where everything begins in Baptist life. All missionaries, all monies, all missions education begins with and comes from your church. A church's commitment to global missions must be securely tied to the church's support of its own missions outreach. Helping Hispanics in Honduras, for example, must create an equal desire to reach Hispanics in your community. We are commanded to minister to "our Jerusalem" as well as to the every other part of the world.

North Carolina missions provide the foundation for our entire Baptist mission enterprise. A large part of the North Carolina Missions Offering goes to support the two basic church mission organizations: Woman's Missionary Union (WMU) and Baptist Men.

Most of us were first introduced to missions through one of these two organizations. Most of our missionaries started out as RAs or GAs. Most of the money raised for missions has come through the efforts of WMU and Baptist Men. Most of the mission education in your church and mine has been the responsibility of these two mission groups.

North Carolina Missions Offering also provides major support for our Mission Growth Evangelism Group, primarily in the area of planting new churches across our state. Other major benefactors of this special offering are special ministries (deaf, visually impaired and mentally handicapped) and Fruitland Baptist Bible Institute. Associations receive an amount equal to 8 percent of all the money contributed to the offering from that association.

It is impossible to calculate the number of local mission projects carried out by the thousands of dedicated North Carolina Baptists. These individuals make up a literal army of missionaries committed to a calling as real as any felt by international missionaries in distant lands. Our state is a mission field. North Carolina Baptists are our missionaries.

This year's offering theme is "Light in a Ground Zero World." The basis for this theme is obviously the terrorist attacks of a year ago and the tremendous support provided by North Carolina Baptists disaster relief programs. A major part of this year's offering emphasis is a special prayer vigil on the anniversary date of the attacks - Wednesday during the Week of Prayer for North Carolina Missions (Sept. 8-15).

The offering theme, however, goes well beyond the events of last year. All of us experience our own "ground zero" mission fields where we live. Spiritual darkness can be found in every community in our state. Our commitment to missions must begin at home.

Please support the North Carolina Missions Offering. In a real sense, our entire missions enterprise depends upon this special offering.

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