Family Bible Study lesson for Sept. 11: Where Purpose Begins : Friday, Aug. 26, 2005
August 26 2005 by Chadwick Ivester

Family Bible Study lesson for Sept. 11: Where Purpose Begins : Friday, Aug. 26, 2005
Friday, Aug. 26, 2005

Family Bible Study lesson for Sept. 11: Where Purpose Begins

By Chadwick Ivester
Focal passages: Psalm 8:1-6; Hebrews 2:8b-10,14-15

"What is my life's purpose?" This question comes from the innermost realm of every soul.

Apart from God's word, it is impossible to find true purpose in life. Apart from the Bible, man's existence begins with man and the only compass to find purpose is human experience, which is fallible.

The Bible teaches that man's existence and purpose begins with God and is to glorify God.

Secular humanism has no logical answer for man's purpose. It teaches that man is just a part of nature and has emerged as part of an evolutional process. A blob of green algae has just as much purpose and value as man. How depressing.

To know purpose, one must first know the Self-Existing One, the Creator. Trying to find purpose apart from the God of the Bible can lead to "identity/purpose schizophrenia."

Our Original Purpose

(Psalm 8:1-6)

James P. Boyce wrote, "It (the Bible) does not teach us everything about God; no language could teach us the full glory of God, nor could we ever comprehend it." However, Boyce adds, "The Bible teaches us all that is necessary about God, our duty to Him (our purpose in life), our condition as sinners, and the way to God."

God's glory is so magnificent that it supersedes the universe. Who can measure the universe? In the same way, who can measure God's glory?

God created this world from nothing; He spoke creation into existence. In Psalm 8 we see that David was in love with the Creator of the universe because he had been transformed by God's grace.

Originally God created man "to glorify God, and to enjoy Him forever." But because of sin, man cannot see God's glory, even in the universe. The Humanist Manifesto II states, "As nontheists, we begin with humans not God, nature not deity. Nature may indeed be broader and deeper than we now know; any new discoveries, however, will but enlarge our knowledge of the natural."

David looked beyond the universe and marveled in its Creator. He saw the vastness of the universe, yet he acknowledged that God's glory surpassed it. God's glory is immeasurably majestic.

God's majestic glory is magnified in childbirth, a glorious miracle to behold. Yet even more glorious is seeing that child nurse for the first time. Minutes after my son, Isaac, was born, he began nursing. He naturally did what God created him to do at that point in his life.

The great truth of this psalm is God's preferential love for the human race over the rest of His creation. Humans are unique and set apart from all of God's creation. God created man lower than the angels in disposition and abilities, yet God only "breathed the breath of life into man's nostrils"(Gen 2:7). Not even the greatest of all angels can say that!

Our Restored Purpose

(Heb. 2:8b-10,14-15)

A Russian astronaut, who was in space, was asked, "Do you see God?" He answered, "I don't see any god up here." This answer delighted the atheists. Another astronaut, who believed in God, was asked the same question. He answered, "I saw His handiwork in the creation of space and the universe, but I didn't see God Himself."

The tragedy isn't that the Russian astronaut didn't see God, but that man can't find God by his own resources. No one has ever seen God. Since God is an infinite being, no one can see Him in His absolute essential nature, save, "The One and Only Son - the One who is at the Father's side - He has revealed Him." (John 1:18)

It is Christ's redemptive work on the cross that restores sinful men and women and restores them to fulfill their original God-given purpose. God's love for mankind is so gracefully astonishing and immeasurable that He bypassed salvation for the fallen angels, who are damned for eternity, and chose to bring salvation to fallen men through Jesus Christ. How great a salvation!

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