Fifty is nifty, friends are shifty
December 14 2001 by Tony W. Cartledge , BR Editor

Fifty is nifty, friends are shifty | Friday, Dec. 14, 2001

Friday, Dec. 14, 2001

Fifty is nifty, friends are shifty

By Tony W. Cartledge BR Editor I passed one of those "mile marker" birthdays recently, and my friends made sure I didn't forget it. My yard was "flocked" with flamingos, not once, but twice. I can only imagine what my neighbors thought when they drove by and saw 100 pink plastic flamingos standing on our postage-stamp lawn, sitting in the trees and perching on the porch.
An unaltered photograph
Signs warning of decrepit pedestrians lined the parking lot at work, and my customary spot sported an "Over the Hillsville" marker.

Friends and staff brought cards reminding me that my faculties were degenerating, my memory was fading, my sight was failing, and my hearing was going to pot. Fortunately, being so hard of hearing, I didn't hear all of the wisecracks. At least, I don't remember any.

The altered photograph
My staff prepared a knock-off front page of the Biblical Recorder complete with a photo that was digitally doctored to add a few years. Jimmy started with a picture from the Pastor's Conference about two years ago - when I was still a spry 47 - and worked computer magic to remove most of my hair, add sagging jowls, and carve a few wrinkles into my cheeks. It came out looking like Terry Bradshaw.

I've included the final product here, not only to see that some good use came from the staff time spent on it, but as a light-hearted encouragement for folks to be nice. We could do this to your picture, too.

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