Hollifield Center teaches coaching over consulting
December 28 2001 by Norman Jameson , BR Correspondent

Hollifield Center teaches coaching over consulting | Friday, Dec. 28, 2001

Friday, Dec. 28, 2001

Hollifield Center teaches coaching over consulting

By Norman Jameson BR Correspondent LAKE HICKORY - When executive director Jim Royston of the N Baptist State Convention (BSC) unveiled his "Pursuing Vital Ministry" (PVM) theme at the annual meeting in November, he said there would be help for churches that want to be transformed. While the specific details of Pursuing Vital Ministry are still being established, the first step in training the workers was taken on Dec. 4 at Hollifield Leadership Center in Conover. Fifteen BSC staff members and a half dozen people from other denominations were exposed to a method of assisting churches that is more coaching than consulting, more process than prescription.

"This is a process that will help congregations achieve their full kingdom potential in their context," said participant Lynn Sasser, a church planting specialist who will be involved in the PVM process.

"Coaches" who help churches pursue vital ministry will not bring a formula, instead, they will coach the church to find its own answers.

One participant compared the process to an Easter egg hunt. Instead of knowing the location of each egg and pointing people to it, a coach admits he doesn't know where to find all the eggs but organizes a hunt and helps people discover them.

"Coaches will form a relationship with a church and walk along with members and leadership in journey to discover what God wants for that church," said Don Bouldin, leader of the Convention's congregational services group. "Being coached is not a prescription, but a process of self discovery. PVM is not a program, it's a process."

The Convention intends to certify its first coaches by September 2002.

The PVM process will not be for churches in conflict. PVM will be for churches whose staff and congregational leadership sense a loss of dynamic fervor, stalled growth or suffocating routine. The convention estimates that 70 percent of N.C. churches are at a plateau or declining.

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