Miracles of Power
December 28 2001 by Steve Zimmerman , First Baptist Church, High Point

Miracles of Power | Friday, Dec. 28, 2001

Friday, Dec. 28, 2001

Miracles of Power

By Steve Zimmerman First Baptist Church, High Point One life-changing day happened to me when the great baseball catcher, Johnny Bench, stepped down from his sport. You see he grew up only 80-miles from my hometown. As a young boy I just had to cheer for the Cincinnati Reds because of Johnny. Yet when word came about his retirement, I knew that I had to cheer for another "hometown" team. About that time along came cable television and the introduction of the Atlanta Braves to the nation. Through thick and thin, I have been with these boys of summer now for the last 20-years.

What has been so disappointing in the last few years has been their home attendance. The news recently said that last year's total figure had dropped off again from the previous year. Even their home playing record was terrible.

I could hardly bear watching them in the playoffs last year with empty seats all around! Where have all the crowds gone? Don't they remember the great plays? Where is the magic that transformed Atlanta into a real baseball town? Can't they believe in miracles any more?

Maybe the Braves know how Jesus must have felt when He came home to do His ministry. You would think your hometown would be the ideal place to do great things. That was not the case for Jesus in His ministry in Mark 6.

The Galilean Grumble

(Mark 6:2-3)

Prior to His homecoming we read of Jesus' mighty miracles in chapters 4-5. The people of Nazareth did not have the luxury of radio, television, e-mail or Internet like we do today. They probably had not heard about Jesus' miracles in other parts of Galilee by the time He was coming home with some of His friends. The only thing they might recall about Jesus was that He was a carpenter.

The other dilemma was not so much technology as gradual change. What they had was the same problem many parents have with their children. It doesn't take long for a relative or a friend, who has not seen your preschool child in a while, to marvel about how much that bundle of joy has grown since the last time they saw the little one.

As a parent you are so busy with everyday survival that you tend to forget to notice the progress made by your offspring.

The community of Nazareth was so busy with their lives that they did not pay close attention to the boy in their midst that later would be the man who could save them from their sins. They weren't quite ready for someone who was familiar to perform miracles in their midst.

Sometimes when we worship we get so caught up in our own chaos that we forget to focus on Jesus and what He can do for us.

Jesus' Response

(Mark 6:4-6)

The sting of rejection is most severe when it hits home. Yet when we look at the life of Jesus in these verses He doesn't just sit and pout. He continues to perform healing miracles. He stays focused on the mission that His Heavenly Father wanted Him to do all along.

Rejection by others should not sabotage our calling by God either.

And yet more than anything, we find our Savior perplexed at their lack of faith. How much more could He have done with them had a dynamic faith in their lives been available to Christ?

In many ways Jesus may be asking the same question of us today.

When we meet Him in worship do we really see the everyday miracles brought about by Him? Are we anticipating any new miracles in our lives because of our faith or are we confused just like the hometown crowd when something special from Him comes around?

May you and I be ready when He comes to visit us again!

By the way, do you have any Braves tickets, I can use?

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