SBC leaders join call for prayer for Muslims
December 7 2001 by Bob Allen , Associated Baptist Press

SBC leaders join call for prayer for Muslims | Friday, Dec. 7, 2001

Friday, Dec. 7, 2001

SBC leaders join call for prayer for Muslims

By Bob Allen Associated Baptist Press RICHMOND, Va. - Six Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) agency heads have joined the denomination's president in calling for a day of prayer for Muslims Dec. 16.

Top executives of the SBC Executive Committee, International Mission Board, North American Mission Board, LifeWay Christian Resources, Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission and Woman's Missionary Union joined president James Merritt in a Nov. 30 letter asking Christians to pray that God would "reveal himself" to Muslims at the end of Ramadan, Islam's holy month.

"Right now, Muslims are observing their holy month of Ramadan, and many Christians have been praying that God would speak to Muslims about his love for them and their need for his forgiveness," the letter says.

The letter urges Baptists to pray that devout Muslims will "come to Christ" as they spend an entire night in prayer asking God to speak to them.

In the past, Southern Baptists have been criticized for coordinating similar evangelistic prayers with Jewish and Hindu holy days.

A spokesman for the National Conference for Community and Justice (formerly National Conference of Christians and Jews) told Associated Baptist Press it is insensitive to evangelize among other faiths during their high holidays.

"Clearly, the SBC has every right to its beliefs, and the NCCJ does not disparage the faith beliefs of others unless they become highly divisive or disrespectful of others," said Brian Ross, NCCJ executive vice president.

"We continue to believe that it is disrespectful to target faith groups for conversion during their holy seasons," he said. "This is particularly of concern during this time of global instability, when many Muslims in the U.S. have been targeted with hate messages and hate crimes."

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