Baptize certain repentant sinners or all repentant sinners? : Monday, Dec. 1, 2003
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Baptize certain repentant sinners or all repentant sinners? : Monday, Dec. 1, 2003
Monday, Dec. 1, 2003

Baptize certain repentant sinners or all repentant sinners?

The Baptist State Convention (BSC) Executive Committee's approval of the decision to remove McGill Baptist Church from the BSC is not surprising, but it is disheartening. McGill is my home church, in which godly men and women taught that Christians love because God first loves us. As a "beginner," I was awed by Jesus' incredible love for sinners, which is the primary reason His religio-political world crucified Him. I am grateful for the continuing Christian witness at McGill, when the opinion and action of so much of our Baptist religio-political world is set against them. This removal is disappointing, too, because it seems that we have set a precedent of sorts. If we do not baptize certain repentant sinners, does that mean we do not baptize all repentant sinners? And what about those on the church rolls who still live their pre-baptismal lifestyles - those who have other gods: money, power, prestige, etc.; or gossip about others unconcerned that theirs might be a false witness; those who take God's name in vain, calling themselves "Christians" without demonstrating God's love; those who fail to honor father and mother by not honoring the values of parents or fight over family inheritances; those who do not keep the Sabbath holy; or those who steal, who, for instance, use copyrighted materials and music without paying royalties (even for church use); or those who covet material possessions because our neighbors have them? Do we annul their baptisms? We'd empty the church rolls!

It appears our hands are full of stones, like those good folks in John 8, and we are not about to drop them when confronted with the love of God in Christ Jesus.

Gene Sherrill

Pilot Mountain, N.C.

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