Family Bible Study Lesson for December 28: Life in the Son : Friday, Dec. 12, 2003
December 12 2003 by Claude Frazier

Family Bible Study Lesson for December 28: Life in the Son : Friday, Dec. 12, 2003
Friday, Dec. 12, 2003

Family Bible Study Lesson for December 28: Life in the Son

By Claude Frazier
Focal passages: John 1:1-5, 9-18

The Eternal Word

The beginning of John's gospel is deep and rich in meaning and importance. The central theme throughout is that Jesus was none other than God's Son; Jesus was the lifegiving and lightgiving Word. John tells us in verses 1 and 2 that the Word was already there at the very beginning when God created the world. The Word did not come from creation but the Word was there before creation. The Word is a part of eternity and was there before time and history began.

"The Word was with God" - there has always been the closest connection between the Word and God; this intimacy causes Jesus to know what God is like and what God's will is for us.

"The Word was God." John said Jesus was perfect, the same as God, so in Him we can see what God is like. We believe John was not saying that Jesus was identical with God, but that Jesus was so perfectly the same as God in mind and heart that through Him we can see what God is like.

The Word became a human being (Jesus Christ) and dwelt among us causing us to believe. "All things come into being by Him." The book of Hebrews speaks of the Son, "through whom also God created the world out of nothing" and that this is God's world. This belief gives us a new sense of how valuable the world is and how we should be responsible for it. We believe that God and God alone is behind everything there is.

This brings to mind a story of a child from a large city who made a day trip to the country. When she saw the pretty bluebells, she asked, "Do you think God would mind if I picked some of His flowers?" She was aware that this is God's world and that all things belong to Him.

Life and Light

Life and light are two basic words on which this gospel is built. Jesus is life; the opposite of destruction and He is the giver of life. God's approval was upon Him. He gives life to as many as God has given Him.

We enter into eternal life by believing in Jesus Christ. To believe, we must be firmly convinced that Jesus is really the Son of God, then we can stop merely existing and really begin with living.

Jesus brings light to darkness. When the world began God said, "Let there be light." This light exposes deeds of evil as darkness and darkness is hostile to the light, but cannot put it out. We never really see ourselves until we see through the eyes of Jesus. We walk about in darkness but when the light comes we stop the hopeless groping and the way becomes clear.

The very name of Jesus is powerful. It gives those who believe on Him the right to become children of God.

The Word Became Flesh

So the Word of God became a person and walked among us and we beheld His glory full of grace and truth. Jesus did not come to talk to men about God but to show men what God was like. His life was shown by the miracle of turning water into wine at Cana of Galilee, by raising Lazarus and teaching the disciples about His Father's glory. In all of this, Jesus sought not His own glory but the glory of His Father.

Through Jesus we have an inexhaustible supply; we can go with any need and it can be supplied. A person can find needed courage or search for knowledge and find supreme revelations. When life becomes a burden, Jesus can give strength to cope with life and the power to live.

Psalm 18:28 reads, "The Lord will enlighten my darkness." As one grows in grace and knowledge his understanding of the truth increases.

And most importantly, a person who becomes aware of his or her sins and turns to Jesus can find forgiveness. They can find the light that replaces darkness. They can find life for eternity.
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