Family Bible Study lesson for Dec. 26: Announce Jesus, the Source for New Life : Friday, Dec. 3, 2
December 3 2004 by Robert Hunter

Family Bible Study lesson for Dec. 26: Announce Jesus, the Source for New Life : Friday, Dec. 3, 2004
Friday, Dec. 3, 2004

Family Bible Study lesson for Dec. 26: Announce Jesus, the Source for New Life

By Robert Hunter
Focal Passages: John 4:7-10, 13-15, 28-30, 35-36, 39-42

I have noticed that religious beliefs become public when they might win a vote. Former President Jimmy Carter was hauled over the coals by the media for even mentioning being "born again." President Bush has been criticized for "carrying the banner of the cross."

Society says to keep one's religious beliefs quiet and private since one belief system is as good as the next. Society also says that we have no business trying to convince another of our beliefs or our faith. Yet, many other members of society are so dissatisfied. They look in all the wrong places for answers to their dilemma. Our world would benefit greatly from Christians announcing Jesus and what He has to offer, as did the woman in today's text.

Announce the need for new life

John 4:7-10,13-15

I have already mentioned that society is dissatisfied. This Samaritan woman is evidence of what society at large represents.

She is in need of the water that will satisfy her thirst. She comes at noontime, not the usual time, so that she might avoid the gossip and jeering associated with her life style.

That also represents many today who do not come to the church for answers.

Jesus asked her for a drink and she responded with amazement that He would ask her for anything since He was a Jew and she a Samaritan - each race was encrusted with generations of hate and suspicion.

Jesus then made the unexpected offer to her - "living water," the "gift of God." It could be hers for the asking. "How could He offer me anything?" she thought. "He has nothing to draw with." But then with her questions she comes to the conclusion that we must all come to, namely, Jesus can quench the thirst. "Sir, give me this water, that I may not thirst..."

Announce your testimony of new life

John 4:28-30

There is nothing simpler and more effective than telling someone what Jesus has done for you. That is what the Samaritan woman did. She sensed the need to go tell others what she had found. She "left her water pot" and hurried back into the city to tell so others might experience what she has experienced. She met a man who knew all about her. This was a woman with a very soiled reputation bringing forth that exciting news. Thankfully for the Samaritans it did not fall on deaf ears. They "came to Him" or kept coming to Him as it might be translated. People were excited about the change and had to see for themselves.

It is sad that we often lose our excitement about meeting the Christ.

Announce the urgency for new life

John 4:35-36

We must carry the news now just as the Samaritan woman did. She didn't wait to some other day or more appropriate time or even after she had cleaned up her life. She went right then.

One Sunday service is going to be the last. The last verse of an invitation hymn is indeed going to be the last verse. The fields are ready for harvesting but there seem to be no laborers. Sometimes it appears that all our laborers have gathered under the shade arguing over which method of harvesting is better. In fact, they are not even arguing over which method, but who is going to drive the harvester.

Announce the results of new life

John 4:39-42

Many believed because this woman shared with her people. She faithfully told what happened to her. The text says many "believed in Him" because of this woman's witness. How many Samaritans would have come to Christ that day had she remained silent or kept the great news to herself?

You know the answer. It is the same answer to the question: How many will come to know Christ today if you remain silent?

Survival experts remind us that you can only survive four or five days without water. Life without water is impossible. Eternal life without the Water of Life will also be death.

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