Bullard named to leadership role
February 2 2001 by Tony W. Cartledge , BR Editor

Bullard named to leadership role | Friday, Feb. 2, 2001

Friday, Feb. 2, 2001

Bullard named to leadership role

By Tony W. Cartledge BR Editor George W. Bullard Jr. will be director of the Baptist State Convention's (BSC) new Hollifield Leadership Center at Lake Hickory, and will direct a broader leadership network to be called Lake Hickory Learning Communities. Bullard's employment was approved Jan. 30 by the BSC Executive Committee, to become effective Feb. 16. He will report to BSC Executive Director-treasurer Jim Royston.

Royston, who had earlier called on Bullard to help map out a start-up process for the Hollifield Center, expressed delight that Bullard agreed to be director.

"He is one of two national personalities I wished for," Royston said, "but had little hope we could afford."

Royston noted that Bullard brings to the position a national reputation, a trade journal and a wide network of leaders and other consultants.

"I am more excited about this person and the potential for the Hollifield Center than I could have dreamed a few months ago," Royston said.

Bullard is a native of Raleigh, where his father, George W. Bullard Sr., worked for the BSC and was founding pastor of Temple Baptist Church.

Bullard is widely known as a denominational and congregational consultant. He was employed by the BSC as a consultant during its most recent restructuring, and has consulted with several other state conventions associated with the Southern Baptist Convention, four regions of the American Baptist Churches, the Baptist World Alliance, and more than a dozen other denominational, non-denominational and parachurch organizations.

Bullard earned his undergraduate degree from Mars Hill College, and holds three degrees from Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, including the doctor of ministry. He worked as a church planter in the Charlotte area for the Home Mission Board (now the North American Mission Board) and later served in its Metropolitan Missions Department. He was employed by the South Carolina Baptist Convention for 14 years prior to becoming a full-time consultant as founder and director of New Reformation Solutions based in Columbia, S.C.

For several years, Bullard has published The Bullard Journal, which deals with issues of congregational and denominational transformation. He has also served as a contributing editor for Net Results and has worked with the Dallas, Texas,-based Leadership Network.

A provision of Bullard's employment grants a license for all of his publications to be used freely by the BSC. The Bullard Journal will be renamed The Bullard Journal of the Lake Hickory Learning Communities.

The Journal began as a print publication before evolving into a Web-based magazine. The BSC will assume the cost of producing and hosting the Journal, and can add up to 3,000 new subscribers at no additional cost.

Bullard pledged to provide leadership training that goes beyond events and lectures to become a total learning experience. "I am not an expert in leadership development, but a broker of leadership experiences," he told the Executive Committee.

He will work to train leaders contextually, helping them get to the next level in their current setting, he said.

Explaining the distinction between the Hollifield Leadership Center and the Lake Hickory Learning Communities, Bullard said, "The Hollifield Leadership Center is a place where we can have excellent learning experiences for North Carolina Baptists and others. Lake Hickory Learning Communities will be a network of people who want to be engaged in lifelong, solution-based, no-exit learning for congregational leadership."

At times, the learning communities will be "virtual," connected and conversing through Web-based resources and discussion groups, he said. He told the General Board that he plans to launch seven Web-based learning communities in March.

Bullard likened the two aspects of his work to computer hardware and software, with the Hollifield Leadership Center as the hardware and Lake Hickory Learning Communities as the software.

Royston said Bullard's arrival will put the Hollifield Leadership Center two years ahead of the growth curve he had envisioned for the center.

Bullard expressed high hopes for the center. "We hope to make the Wyndolyn Royster Hollifield Leadership Center the premier center for leadership training events of under 100 people in all of America," he said.

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