When less is more
February 2 2001 by Tony W. Cartledge , BR Editor

When less is more | Friday, Feb. 2, 2001

Friday, Feb. 2, 2001

When less is more

By Tony W. Cartledge BR Editor My ploy is working. Wanting to make 28 of my 223 pounds disappear, yet recognizing the shaky nature of my personal self-discipline, I announced in this column my intention to lose weight. I knew, with 50,000 subscribers to hold me accountable, I would have little choice but to follow through. As I suspected, I can't go anywhere in N.C. Baptist circles without someone asking me how the slim-and-trim program is going.


I need that.

And, it's going well. I taped the entire 24 hour "Iron Chef Marathon" on New Year's Day, and watch reruns while I hit the treadmill trail. By fast-forwarding through the commercials, each program winds up being about 45 minutes, time for a good workout.

Cutting back on my calorie count was made easier by the new wok my parents gave us for Christmas. With a little chicken broth and a pile of freshly cut veggies, I can "Wok & Woll" with the best of them. Taking a pass on candy bars and ice cream is a little easier when I know how many people will be looking for tell-tale evidence around my waist.

To make things more interesting, I invited readers to guess when I will reach my goal of 195 pounds (and I will reach it). Guesses have ranged from March 3 to Oct. 17 to a tongue-in-cheek "I didn't guess because I don't think you'll make it and I didn't want to discourage you." At least I think it was tongue-in-cheek.

Since I promised a denim shirt embroidered with the Biblical Recorder logo to the person with the closest guess, one gentleman called to suggest that I might be flirting too closely with promoting gambling.

So, "How is it going?" you ask. I'll tell you. The first 13 pounds fell off rather quickly. I've been stuck between 210 and 211 for a week or so, but if I stay with the program of fewer calories and more crunches, I'll get there. I have to, lest I be too embarrassed to show up at Baptist meetings.

One thing is for sure: Losing weight is one area where the phrase "easy come, easy go" does not apply.

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