BSC giving plans get heavy use in 2002
February 7 2003 by Tony W. Cartledge , BR Editor

BSC giving plans get heavy use in 2002 | Friday, Feb. 7, 2003

Friday, Feb. 7, 2003

BSC giving plans get heavy use in 2002

By Tony W. Cartledge BR Editor

There was a time when N.C. Baptists had only one option for Cooperative Missions giving through the Baptist State Convention (BSC). About half of the churches still use that default method - now called "Plan A" - while the other half give to other plans, give through a combination of plans, or give nothing at all.

One of the most revealing statistics found in a breakdown of how BSC churches utilize the four available giving plans is that almost one fifth of the churches give nothing at all. In 2002, according to a document distributed Jan. 29 to members of the General Board, 763 of the 3,961 churches on the BSC roll were listed as "non-participating."

The number has been rather consistent for at least the past seven years, ranging from 711 to 766 churches each year since 1996.

The report said 2,003 churches give through Plan A only. That number accounts for 50.6 percent of all BSC churches, or 62.6 percent of all participating churches. In total dollars, those churches contributed $21.8 million, or 61.4 percent of the $35.5 million given toward the BSC budget in 2001.

Two hundred sixty-one churches contributed to Plan B only, comprising 6.6 percent of the total number, or 8.2 percent of participating churches. Their contributions of $1.89 million amounted to 5.3 percent of the total.

Plan C was supported by 145 churches, 3.7 percent of the total, or 4.5 percent of participating churches. They contributed $1.2 million, or 3.4 percent of BSC Cooperative Missions receipts.

Four hundred thirty-four churches used Plan D only. They amounted to 11 percent of all churches, or 13.6 percent of contributing churches. Plan D only funds were $4.73 million, or 13.3 percent of budget receipts.

While Plans A, B and C send 68 percent to the BSC in undesignated fashion; Plan D allots 50 percent to the BSC's basic budget needs.

Plan A sends 32 percent to the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC).

Plan B sends 10 percent to the SBC, 10.9 percent for N.C. theological education and 11.1 percent for special missions. Plan C is the same except 10 percent is sent to the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship instead of the SBC.

Plan D provides 32 percent to the SBC, 5 percent to Fruitland Baptist Bible Institute and 13 percent to special missions.

Contributions through "pure" plans amount to 83.4 percent of the total, while the balance comes through every conceivable combination of the four.

The fourth highest amount of money - $1.25 million - came from 38 churches who give through a combination of Plans A, B and C.

The most popular combinations were a mix of Plan A and B or Plan A and D, with 80 churches choosing each of those options. Twenty-nine churches utilized all four giving plans.

The numbers reveal an obvious trend of churches migrating from Plan A to Plan D. In 1998, the year before Plan D went into effect, 2,512 churches contributed to Plan A.

In 2001, only 2,003 churches chose Plan A only. However, 514 churches contributed to Plan D or a combination of Plans A and D, about the same number lost from Plan A.

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