Can two hearts beat as one?
February 7 2003 by Tony W. Cartledge , BR Editor

Can two hearts beat as one? | Friday, Feb. 7, 2003

Friday, Feb. 7, 2003

Can two hearts beat as one?

By Tony W. Cartledge BR Editor

I love metaphors, even the mixed variety.

The language of love is filled with symbolism, especially around Valentine's Day.

Traditionally, the predominant metaphor involves hearts.

We give heart-shaped boxes of candy, eat heart-shaped chocolates, and trade those little candy hearts stamped with messages like "Be Mine" and "Kiss Me."

The standard bivalve shape of these hearts, of course, has little in common with the shape of a real heart.

Beyond the physical symbol, we also give cards, write notes and listen to songs about sharing our hearts, joining our hearts or giving our hearts to others.

My favorite "heart song" comes from a Broadway musical with the unlikely name of "Urinetown." The tragicomic show won several Tony awards, and manages to spoof both itself and other musicals designed for the big stage.

In the course of the story, the heroine teaches Billy Strong, the leading man, how to "listen to his heart."

They learn that their hearts have a lot in common, and Billy gets so excited that he sings:

"Someday I'll meet someone whose heart joins with mine, Aortas and arteries all intertwined - They'll beat so much stronger than they could apart, Eight chambers of muscle to hustle the love in our hearts."

I love the hilarity of those lyrics, the natural result of carrying a metaphor to its logical conclusion.

Beyond the laughter, however, I like the song because I resonate with the sentiment - I am fortunate enough to know how it feels.

People who have loved each other long and deeply know the sense of being one when together, the pang of incompleteness when apart.

That's why I believe God had more than sex in mind when He inspired the author of Genesis 2:24 to describe Adam and Eve's marriage as becoming "one flesh." Genesis doesn't say anything about aortas and arteries being intertwined, but I do recall something about a rib, and that's pretty close.

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