Family Bible Study lesson for March 9: Praying About God's Kingdom
February 14 2003 by Crate Jones , Acts 16:6-10; Philippians 1:12-14, 19-26

Family Bible Study lesson for March 9: Praying About God's Kingdom | Friday, Feb. 14, 2003

Friday, Feb. 14, 2003

Family Bible Study lesson for March 9: Praying About God's Kingdom

By Crate Jones Acts 16:6-10; Philippians 1:12-14, 19-26

This study is based on the second element of the prayer of Jabez: "enlarge my territory." (1 Chr. 4:9-10)

When Jabez prayed for God to give him more territory, he was not asking for more acreage. "He wanted more influence, more responsibility and more opportunity to make a mark for the God of Israel" (The Prayer of Jabez; p.30).

Fast forward. Our prayer should be, "O God, enlarge my opportunities for touching the lives of more people for Jesus." It's the kind of prayer God wants us to pray. When He hears it, He will answer.

Listen and obey

Acts 16:6-10

From the time Paul gave his heart and life to Jesus, he was willing to go anywhere God called him. In a vision, he was called to go to Macedonia. Obediently, to Macedonia he did go. His territory was greatly enlarged - and still growing.

Mabel Harris was a faithful servant in her church. She taught Sunday School and held many other positions.

Her hearing diminished. Not being able to hear the sermons, she took care of the babies and little children in the nursery. Her eyesight dimmed, so she became a letter writer for her church.

Each week, she received the list of anyone sick or in trouble. Also, she would send birthday cards. Her handwriting became difficult to read, but shining through, the recipient would be assured of her love and prayers.

From the nursing home, nearing her 100th birthday, she wrote two letters the night before she peacefully went home to be with Jesus. She tended her God-given territory very well.

Use every opportunity

Philippians 1:12-14

Paul was in prison for his faith in Jesus. The whole palace guard and all the rest knew that his chains were in Christ. (Phil. 1:13) Because of his chains, other believers became more bold in speaking for the Lord.

Often, seeing the limitations of someone who rises above them, encourages us to be more willing to share Christ with others.

Clark Jones, a Kentucky mountain man, was bent over like a halfopened jackknife from rheumatism. Independently, he ran a country store. He felt the call to preach and attended Clear Creek Mountain Preacher's School for training.

He was not able to be a pastor, but when he was given opportunities to preach, he would sit on a high stool behind the pulpit and "minister the gospel."

When in his store, his life and words brought people closer to Jesus. It was a gathering place as people sat on rustic benches around the little stove to eat their lunch or just to talk.

His territory reached beyond groceries, thick baloney sandwiches and "sody-pop." The love of Jesus was there.

Enlist others to pray

Philippians 1:19

"I know that through your prayers and the help given by the spirit of Jesus Christ, that what has happened to me will turn out for my deliverance" (v.19).

Paul believed the prayers of his friends could lead to his freedom from prison. This in turn would advance God's kingdom.

My wife has dealt with cancer for 13 years. Friends have gathered in our home to pray; churches we have served are praying. She prays for God to use her pain for His Glory.

When she goes to church, people are blessed by her smile and cheerfulness. Friends who visit leave with a song in their hearts. Her doctor says: "She is a miracle, because of prayer."

A friend wrote: "Your smiles and laughter and love bring the very best of God to everyone you meet."

Keep on serving

Philippians 1:20-26

Paul wanted to keep on serving the Lord and His churches as long as God permitted him to live.

There are many ways of witnessing for Jesus. When I order by phone, with permission, I often ask, "Do you know the Lord Jesus as your Savior?" One lady answered, "Yes, I do; and I love Him more than I love my next breath."

The field is ripe.

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