I'm counting on Baptist Men
January 19 2001 by Jim Royston , BSC Executive Director-treasurer

I'm counting on Baptist Men | Friday, Jan. 19, 2001

Friday, Jan. 19, 2001

I'm counting on Baptist Men

By Jim Royston BSC Executive Director-treasurer N.C. Baptist Men is well known for its network of volunteers involved in hands-on missions, especially in the area of disaster relief. Last year we estimate that almost 25,000 volunteers (men and women) were involved in some type of mission ministry under the auspices of our state Baptist Men's office. (There are probably an equal number of volunteers from our churches involved in projects not promoted by our statewide Baptist Men's organization as well). When you think of hands-on volunteer missions, Baptist Men is second to none. Without diminishing anything from this spectacular record of volunteer service, especially in disaster relief efforts, I want to challenge N.C. Baptist Men to demonstrate equal energy and commitment to another critical area of need within our state denomination: Become personally involved in winning the lost and developing believers.

These two goals have become the centerpiece of everything I hope to accomplish as executive director-treasurer. As I begin my fourth year in this position, I am more committed than ever to reaching our state for Jesus Christ and developing current and future believers into true disciples.

These challenges are not just "preacher" goals. God calls everyone to be a witness. Evangelism does not just belong to the clergy.

With the same zeal Baptist men and women build churches (brick and mortar), I am challenging them to help us birth new churches in strategic areas across our state. If we were to return to a church-to-population ratio of 30 years ago, we would need an additional 1,500 or so churches in existence today. I'm hoping we can have a net gain in five years of just 10 percent of that number - 150 churches.

Rather than start churches that may, or may not, stay in existence, I'm interested in birthing new healthy churches that will, in turn, begin other churches every five years or so. I would like to see us add 125,000 new members to our N.C. churches in the next five years.

As a matter of record, it took us 25 years - from 1974 to 1999 - to add approximately that same number of new Baptists. North Carolina grew by 21 percent in the last decade. We grew by less than 2 percent.

Baptist Men's Day in our churches is Jan. 28. As we take time to celebrate the accomplishments of these dedicated volunteers, we need to move forward with our basic task of winning the lost and developing believers. More than ever, North Carolina is a mission field. And Baptist lay people need to be enlisted as local missionaries.

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