N.C. Baptists give more to CP, special offerings
January 19 2001 by Bill Boatwright , BSC Communications

N.C. Baptists give more to CP, special offerings | Friday, Jan. 19, 2001

Friday, Jan. 19, 2001

N.C. Baptists give more to CP, special offerings

By Bill Boatwright BSC Communications N.C. Baptist churches contributed $34,593,935 to the four Cooperative Program (CP) giving plans last year, surpassing the $34 million goal and increasing giving by about 4 percent over 1999, according to an unaudited report released by the Baptist State Convention (BSC) Accounting office. In addition, all three special mission offerings - international (foreign), North American (home), and North Carolina (state) - grew during 2000 as compared to the 1999 report.

Of the almost $34.6 million 2000 CP gifts, $25,681,622 came through Plan A, down 1.57 percent ($411,421) from 1999 giving. Plan A money is divided 68 percent for the BSC and 32 percent for the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC).

The other three giving options - B, C and D - reported gains in 2000, especially Plan D which more than doubled (104.3 percent), receiving $3,047,866 in 2000 as compared to $1,491,573 the year before. Plan D provides 50 percent to the BSC, 32 percent to the SBC, 5 percent to Fruitland Baptist Bible Institute and 13 percent to special missions.

Plans B and C were up 4.11 percent and 3.56 percent, respectively. Both plans provide 68 percent for the BSC, 10.9 percent for N.C. theological education and 11.1 percent for special missions. The remaining 10 percent goes to the SBC in Plan B and to the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship in Plan C. In 2000, Plan B received $3,342,663, up from $3,210,664 in 1999, and Plan C received $2,521,784, up from $2,434,915 in 1999.

Of the three special mission offerings, the Annie Armstrong Offering for North American (home) missions reported the largest gain - $5,549,036 in 2000 as compared to $4,909,282 the year before. The Lottie Moon Christmas Offering for International Missions received $10,891,591, compared to $10,879,098 in 1999. The North Carolina Missions Offering was up almost $200,000 last year, receiving $2,207,422, but falling short of the $2,520,746 goal for 2000.

All mission support has enjoyed steady growth over the past two decades. In 1980, the Cooperative Program received around $16.9 million, with foreign missions (Lottie Moon) reporting $5.6 million and home missions (Annie Armstrong) about $1.8 million. Ten years later, Cooperative Program was up to almost $27.5 million, foreign missions to almost $8.9 million and home missions to $4.2 million.

(EDITOR'S NOTE - An accurate comparison of growth for the N.C. Missions Offering cannot be made since this offering included support for service agencies during these periods.)

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